How to Vent A Bathroom with No Outside Access

How to Vent A Bathroom with No Outside Access

You will notice that builders and plumbers are extremely concerned about the proper vent in a bathroom while they build or remodel the bathroom space. It is essential since the space has baths, toilets, steamy showers, and even running sinks. And all these count for both dampness and odor inside the bathroom that needs ventilation…

How to Remove Hair Dye from Walls

How to Remove Hair Dye from Walls

Many people, mostly, women prefer DIY hair dry to change their look. It is less costly and time-consuming than going to a parlor or hair groomer. However, it also runs the risk of staining walls with hair dye. Thus, knowing how to remove hair dye from walls will help you retain the home appearance tidy….

How to Vent A Bathroom Fan Through Soffit

How to Vent A Bathroom Fan Through Soffit

So, you have already completed your bathroom renovation and furnishing. The only task left incomplete is to vent the bathroom fan. You might be pondering to find the right place to vent the bathroom fan. If it the case, you can consider the soffit. Yes, seriously, a soffit can be a perfect venting location for…

How to Fix A Warped Cabinet Door

How to Fix A Warped Cabinet Door

A warped cabinet door is often a challenging task to handle at home and in workshops. A warped cabinet door means a slight twist in the door. It restricts the door frame to meet the top or bottom face frame when you shut the door. Thus, it leaves space and allows cold air to come…

Schluter Shower Pan

Schluter Shower Pan: A High-Quality Bathroom Accessories

If you want a bathroom with a top-notch showering experience, then you always need to go for a high-quality shower pan. It works as a structure and foundation to provide the best bathroom furnishing. But in case you install an average shower pan, you will end up having a messed-up bathing area. So, we would…

Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder: Things You Never Knew

Want to be a bit freaking funny and still maintain a pleasant bathroom décor? Then, believe me, nothing will work better than the skeleton toilet paper holder for tissue. Guests either will appreciate your choice or feel fearful and intimated. But irrespective of the guests’ feeling, these skeleton toilet paper holder works exceedingly to give…

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder: Giving Your Bathroom a Sleek Touch

If you need a space-saving bathroom accessory that will give you a sleek touch to your home, you can use a recessed toilet paper holder. So why is this cool? Take a look at some of the vital reasons why. Why Do You Need a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder? There are many reasons why you…

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain: An Expert’s Guide

Clawfoot shower tubs don’t follow any traditional pattern of tubs; instead, they come with an ultimate luxurious and vintage look. It adds a soothing look to your bathing area. To make this area more eye-catching, you need to hang a shower curtain on the clawfoot tub. This shower curtain is necessary not only for a…

Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder: Things You Should Know

Your bathroom or toilet speaks a lot about your taste and personality. Also, it’s the place where you go for relaxation, and sometimes, unique thoughts come to mind. Whatever may be the reason you should decorate the toilet with modern amenities so, you always get a premium feel. And for such premium-ness, you can equip…

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers: A Complete Guide

We all need to use public toilets several times during traveling, which are unhygienic. They may contain harmful bacteria and germs, which make them uncomfortable to use. Most of the time, we cannot see the germs with our naked eyes. Then it becomes challenging to decide whether we should sit or not. In this case,…