Coastal Shower Doors: A Complete Handbook

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/24/2021
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If anything, that we take for granted in our bathroom, then it is shower doors. We pay attention to almost everything except shower doors and end up buying an average one. From which we cannot even ask for the below-average outcome.

If you are looking for a shower door with a stylish look and durability, then there will be a variety of options with lots of modern features. Some of them are truly amazing, and some of them are still struggling to prove quality.

After thoroughly testing the most uttered names on the internet, we have chosen the Coastal Shower Doors, based on price, performance, and the situation they will be used. So, you may consider a glance at the following guideline to get the proper information according to your needs.

Why Do You Need a Shower Door?

How much time do you spend taking a shower every day? It is quite a bit, right? Then why are you making your daily routine by offering yourself the typical rod and curtain? As there are endless options to give your bathroom a unique look and value, then there is no reason to adjust to the monotonic bathing area. To spice it up, you will go for a shower door.

Shower doors come with a large scope of products captivating and materials, which allows years of worry-free durability and minimal maintenance. It will help you to experience the safest and aesthetic bath ever.

What Are the Features of Coastal Shower Doors?

Swinging Doors:

Swinging Doors

They come with the sleekest design along with functional beauty. They are built with premium hardware that will make sure extreme durability. The sizing is flexible enough to fit in any tight space of your bathroom. This will surely provide you with a stunning experience with its amazing performance and outstanding features.

Grids cape Doors: 

Grids cape Doors

They provide the versatile and eye-catching sight in your bathroom. It is available with multiple configurations like swing, fixed panel, sliding, and folding features. They have endless numbers of styles and tastes. With an enduring and strong build, it comes with an ergonomic and sleek design. It earns its title with a splendid performance in both safety and design.

Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors

If you don’t want to move your shower doors effortlessly, the sliding doors might be a great option. It has flexibility in its design and offers rest to your palm and, therefore, a smooth experience with premium glass protection. Waterproof glass and outstanding build quality ensure an amazing bathing experience.

What are the Installation Processes of Coastal Shower Doors?

Customization: They customize the shower doors according to your needs and demands. The doors will be designed either with frameless or semi-frameless glass. Coastal provides a wide range of glass types to select and the experts for top-notch Installation. So, all you need to do is bringing all your preferences in front of them.

Expert Installation: shower glass door installation is a fine art with years of experience. Coastal ensures that very precisely to its customers. To get a perfect touch-up in your bathroom, they send expert installers who are ready to fit precisely in any space.

What are the Factors That Make Coastal Different?

The illusion collection provides the best frameless shower doors, which will upgrade your bathroom space.

  • It comes with a C-pull handle that ensures your entering and exiting with ease.
  • The glasses are 3/8-inch-thick and crystal clear that offers a neat look with the light to stream in.
  • It provides 1-1/4 adjustability for smooth Installation and allows you to have a luxurious bathroom.
  • It can firmly set in any space, even in fiberglass enclosures or in new tiles.
  • It can be installed on any substrate.


To sum up, you would never consider an unfit shower door for the intense experience in your bathroom. Thus, you care for the best door to smooth your experience in bathing. While there are plenty of shower doors that claim to be the top of the list, the guideline mentioned above for Coastal shower doors follows almost all those amazing features that anyone looks for. So, the information that we provided in this article would surely help you out in analyzing and making the decision.

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