How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Thuds and Wood Frame

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/27/2021
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An outdoor kitchen brings a myriad of liberty to us. If anyone has watched the chef’s competition and cooking shows, you will probably know the fun of cooking in the home backyard. But you have probably stepped back because you thought that making an outdoor kitchen is tough, right?

Let me take the responsibility to break such faulty myths. Yes, you heard it right. Making an outdoor kitchen is a breeze task once you know how to build the right one. Hence, today we came up with two different kitchen building techniques:

  1. Outdoor kitchen construction with metal studs
  2. Outdoor kitchen construction with wood frame.

So, let’s dig deep into the matter without wasting much time.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs?

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

These days, the most popular choice to make an outdoor kitchen is with a metal frame or studs. The modern-day steel studs are heat-treated and weather-resistant that provide excellent durability to the kitchen.

You can get the metal studs in the nearby hardware shop, or if you wish, you can get the customized ones from a welding shop. You will be ardently glad to know that nowadays many manufacturers supply metal thuds designed particularly for the outdoor kitchen, which should make your work easy.

What’s more, the metal studs or frames come in a wide range of configurations that you can use to create many appliances and kitchen accessories. Hence, you can use the metal thuds to build both the most elaborative as well as the most unadorned outdoor kitchen. You can also use the studs to create different things required for the outdoor kitchen.

You can position the frame as per your liking, rivet the thuds and screw them tightly with a concrete slab so that these don’t get away after few uses. Users also take the assistance of a cement block to strengthen the metal thud structure further. You can also stucco the wall or use tile.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Wood Frame?

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Wood Frame

Wood build outdoor kitchens may not be as durable as concrete ones. Still, these will withstand years of use under extreme weather. Besides, the wooden frame adds variety in terms of appearance and color. However, if you decide to build an outdoor kitchen with a wood frame, we would recommend you to use heat and pressure-treated Pine for the purpose.

It is because treated pines are, in general, more rugged than regular wood frames. Also, this will be most likely to endure more heat emitted by your kitchen grill. Also, Pine doesn’t rot so quickly and isn’t also infested by pests easily.

Nonetheless, to avoid any damage from weather and heat, you should cover the wood frame with a concrete backer. Also, remember that you need to cover both the inner and outer parts of the wood frame with the concrete backer for added safety.

Once you construct the mainframe with wood and support it with a cement backer, you can then move on to add some decorative designs to the frame. Likewise, any outdoor kitchen material such as concrete or metal studs, you can fully customize the wooden structure made outdoor kitchen to suit your preference and home décor.

Some Factors to Consider Before Making an Outdoor Kitchen

Although creating an outdoor kitchen with metal studs or a wooden frame is a pretty straightforward task, you need to find some crucial factors for it. Also, you need to accomplish each of these jobs perfectly for a stable and beautiful kitchen.

These crucial factors are:

1. Grading: It is vital for a proper drainage system. The classification includes soil tests, leveling, and design the layout for the entire drainage system for your outdoor kitchen.

2. Utility installation: Utilities such as installing the electricity, gas, and water supply for an outdoor kitchen might be challenging as it requires specific skills. You should contact a professional for such a utility setup.

There are other factors also such as the countertop, paving, and so on. Landscaping Network has elaborately discussed these, and you may have a look at them for your convenience.


An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to spend your leisure time. Cook your favorite meal while enjoying the chirping of the birds- that’s how excellent working in an outdoor kitchen is!

We hope that you would be greatly helped with your brief description of the critical factors as to how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs and wood frames. Nonetheless, if you still want more assistance, you may reach us anytime.

  1. “Pine doesn’t rot so quickly and isn’t also infested by pests easily.” I am sorry but this is utter nonsense! Pine is very easily infested by insects and rots just as easily – unless pressure treated with some very toxic chemicals!

    And exactly what ‘appliances’ can you make with metal studs?

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