How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer?

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 08/18/2021
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Wonder! How to clean a commercial deep fryer? Don’t be worried as the cleaning process is simple and you can do it without a cleaning expert. It is a common commercial kitchen appliance that needs regular cleaning. Because a recent study by NFPA shows that 21% of restaurant fires are caused by dirty fryers.

A dirty fryer can change the taste of your food dramatically. Moreover, Its dirtiness may damage the longevity of the machine. A dirty fryer coil may take a longer time than usual that wastes more energy. Therefore get ready with all the supplies to clean the deep commercial fryer.

What You Will Need to Clean the Deep Commercial Fryer?

Before you start cleaning your commercial deep fryer, you need the following supplies. All of the materials are important and you cannot skip any of them.

  • Nitrile Gloves: protects your hands and skin from extreme heat.
  • Safety Goggles: protect your eyes from a splash of hot oil or water.
  • Vinyl Apron: It is a heavy apron that protects your skin and clothes.
  • Drain Valve Extension: easily emptied the oil container.
  • Scrub Brush Long Handle: it helps to reach where your hand cannot reach.
  • Fryer Rod: a metal tool that cleans the food debris
  • Fryer Coil Brush: It helps to reach all over the machine to clean inside.
  • Stock Pot: a basin to keep the oil.

How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

There are two parts of the machine, the interior, and the coil. First, we will show you the interior cleaning process then we will focus on the coil of the deep fryer. The best way to clean the fryer is to boil it.

Why Should You Boil the Deep Fryer?

Old food and grime can affect the taste of the food and change the flavor as well. There are proteins, polar contaminants, and other materials that can affect your oil to deteriorate. If you boil the fryer all the contaminating will vanish and keep the oil fresh. To start boiling, drain all of the oil to a container then do the following.

  • Use a fryer rod to clean the remaining food debris from the dryer.
  • Rinse the fryer with hot water to clean the excess stored fat.
  • Fill the oil tank of the fryer 3-4” and add fat fryer cleaner. Before that, read the instructions on how much to use the liquid with a specific amount of water.
  • Turn on the machine and put it on the medium temperature level. Boil for 20 minutes.
  • Let the water cool for 2 hours, drain the water slowly then use a hand brush to clean the interiors of the machine.
  • Never use a metal scraper. The metal scrap can damage the components of the fryer and also might leave behind metal shavings.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe the interior to avoid oil and water mixing.

Exterior Cleaning

While using the machine, there are extra oil drops around the machine, especially at peak hours. Later oil becomes sticky and greasy. Therefore, for a healthy deep fryer, clean the exterior with the following steps.

  • Clean the exterior of the fryer with a cleaning spray. We recommend using nine heavy-duty cleaners to remove the grease and disinfect the sticky surface.
  • Rub the stubborn spots with a synthetic pad to remove them.
  • Wipe the exterior and let it dry completely before starting to use the machine.
  • Clean the floor using a degreaser cleaner to disinfect.
  • Rinse and dry the exterior of the fryer completely after cleaning is complete.

How to Clean the Coil of the Deep Commercial Fryer

Clean Coil of the Deep Commercial Fryer

The coil is the main part of the deep fryer that makes oil hot to fry things. Sometimes the food debris and other liquid materials trap the coil. That’s why the fryer takes a longer time to heat the oil. To clean the coil you don’t have another cleaning process. When you do the above cleaning the coil is cleaned.

Though if you need to clean the coil and the interior of the fryer separately take the coil out. Place it on a big pan and use the scrub to clean if anything is left after boiling. Then wash and wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Place it back and it is ready to use.

How a Deep Fryer Works

The deep-frying cooking method uses fat or oil to cook food. The process works by submerging the food completely into the oil. When food is submerged, the moisture of the food turns into steam. That allows the formation of crust to begin. The surface of the food dries to create a crispy brownie surface.

Benefits of Deep-Frying

A deep fryer has significant importance in a commercial place, as the restaurant needs to cook faster at peak hours. To cook a lot of food at the same time a deep commercial fryer is most essential. Look at its other benefits below.

  • It is a faster way of cooking that saves and maintains time.
  • When it reaches 3000 F, it creates Maillard and caramelization flavor.
  • When the food is cooked with proper heat, it creates a crispy crust surface by drying all of the moisture from the food.
  • Food is less greasy and retains its shape.
  • Comparatively, it keeps the kitchen neat and clean, which is easy and safe to use.


You may buy a standard and expensive deep fryer but without proper cleaning, a commercial deep fryer is a hazard. To keep it working faster, regular maintenance is essential. Most importantly the deep fryer coil should be cleaned at least once in two weeks.

You can use the special kit to clean but the method we have explained is both effective and economical. However, you should filter the frying oil and clean the exterior every day as the fryer is used rapidly in the restaurant.

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