Is There A Weight Limit On Toilet Seats?: A Detailed Answer

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/23/2021
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Whether we are small or large and thin or bulky, we all have to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet several times a day. And this brings us to the most important toilet-related question, “Is there a weight limit on toilet seats?”

As a plumber, I have faced these questions often by homeowners, especially by the heavier people. So, here goes the short answer-

Ideally, there’s no weight limit to sit on the toilet for the human being. But if you indeed want to test the toilet seat capacity, you shouldn’t go beyond 1000 pounds unless you are ready to buy a toilet again.

Then again, some factors affect the average toilet weight limit. This discussion will answer your curiosities regarding the toilet weight limit.

Is There A Weight Limit on Toilet Seats?

Plumbing experts and toilet seat manufacturers put no burden on the weight capacity of the toilets. Most manufacturers claim that even the heaviest person on the planet can easily sit on the porcelain-made seat of the toilet and release his pressure.

But, this no limit on a toilet seat for weight is not a practical and useful idea. It is because every material manufactured in the world has a breaking point, and it would break apart or start cracking once the weight crosses its capacity. And the toilet seat is no exception to it.

So, what is the actual weight limit of a toilet seat?

Let’s dive deep into the fact.

How Much Weight Can a Toilet Hold?

So, do toilets have a weight limit in reality?

From the previous discussion, you should already know that theoretically, manufacturers don’t put a weight limit on the toilet. But, the reality is different.

A toilet, on average, can hold up to 1000 pounds o 453 kilograms without cracking or being damaged. So, you should keep it in mind. Also, it is the standard limit for the floor toilets that seat right on the floor surface of the bathroom.

On the contrary, the wall-hung toilets have a much lesser weight carrying capacity. It can only accommodate up to 500 pounds or 227 kilograms of weight. Even then, the wall-hung toilet is safe enough for most heavyweight persons because only a few people will cross this limit bar in the rarest of cases.

You might be wondering if there is any government or federal organization rule over the toilet weight. No, there’s no such standard rule for the toilet seat weight holding capacity.

However, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) follows that a standard toilet should be able to hold at least 500 pounds of weight successfully. It is a rule set for wall-hung toilets but nothing as such for the floor toilets.

How Does A Toilet Can Hold So Much Weight?

You might be wondering how a simple toilet can carry such immense weight.

Well, the answer depends on its construction design and material? The toilets are actually made of porcelain. You will be truly amazed to know that porcelain is known as one of the hardest materials used in construction works.

Yes, in Mohs scale, porcelain achieves 7.00 in the hardness measuring point. It is quite remarkable compared to a diamond which earns the perfect 10.00 point on the Mohs scale. Thus, you should understand that a single plate of porcelain can easily withstand heavyweight materials because of its hardness level.

This hardness level being said, toilets made of porcelain can easily hold up to 1000 pounds or more. But the ideal limit is 1000 pounds, and it is requested that you shouldn’t put anything above the weight limit of the toilet seat.

Otherwise, it runs the risk of cracking or damaging the seat. Hence, you may want to purchase a new toilet seat, and it is a costly investment.

What Does the Average Toilet Weigh?

On average, a two-piece porcelain-made toilet weighs between 75 pounds to 110 pounds. But it is an approximate value, and the actual weight of the toilet varies depending on many conditions.

The main weight of the toilet comes from the bowl. It is the piece of toilet known as the toilet seat. As you will sit on it and put your entire pressure on it, it should be rigid and sturdy. Otherwise, it will break apart, causing you injuries. It weighs anywhere from 40 pounds to 75 pounds.

The second part of the toilet is the tank, and it is lighter in weight too. It accommodates the water for flushing the toilet after use. Also, it consists of flush valves, filler valves, and over tubes. All these contribute to its overall weight. Even so, the toilet tank weight is limited from 30 pounds to 45 pounds mostly.

Consider the fact that both the toilet bowl and tank are made of pure porcelain material; it is still lighter in weight.

It is the weight of an empty toilet. The tank holds up to 20 gallons of water which will add up to the overall weight of the toilet once the tank is full. So, consider it as well.

Should You Get an Over-Sized Toilet for A Heavyweight Person?

In my plumbing experience, I see no need to get an oversized toilet for a heavyweight person. You may just opt for the round-shaped toilets instead of the square-shaped ones as it has a bigger mouth opener. So, it provides a more comfortable seating position for heavier persons.

Also, oversized toilets are indeed hard to find. It is because all toilets successfully hold the heaviest persons on the planet. Yes, it is true.

Juan Pedro Franco, right now, is the heaviest person weighing nearly 1100 pounds. So, even if he seats in a regular floor toilet, it is not likely to get broken. Thus, you should not invest in the oversized toilet only because of weight.


A toilet along with the bathroom is the most confronting place. Thus, these days we put great effort into making the toilet set up beautiful and comfy. In this regard, many homeowners are anxious to know, “is there a weight limit on toilet seats?”

Theoretically, there’s no limit as no manufacturer ever writes it down on the product label. But, you shouldn’t put more than 1000 pounds on the toilet seat and not more than 500 pounds on the wall-hang models.

It should help you in making the final decision of purchasing and installing the right toilet setup.

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