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Best Rug Placement

Where to Place Bathroom Rugs? (Reasons Yours is Wrong)

Wondering where to place bathroom rugs? Our quick and simple guide gives you all the pros and cons of rug placement in bathrooms. Bathroom rugs should be placed near any fitting where water is likely to splash or spray onto the floor. Their principal purpose is to absorb water and prevent slip accidents, but bathroom…

Mirror In Style

Are Large Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style? (Read Before Buying!)

If you’re wondering whether large bathroom mirrors are out of style, then read our clear and simple guide before you buy. Some large bathroom mirrors are out of style but others are popular. Bathroom mirrors should be functional, fit the space where they’re installed, and suit your personal preferences. Luckily it’s possible for them to…

Are Kitchen Canisters Out Of Style? (Check Before Buying)

Canisters are essential kitchen equipment that helps to store the cooking ingredients and other supplies. But are kitchen canisters out of style? For those who aren’t aware, kitchen counters are still in style and still loved by many. Why? This is because the canisters will help store supplies and also keep the kitchen organized. Why…

Why Do Kitchen Sponges Smell? (Hygienic fix)

  Some sponges, like the cellulose sponge, are porous and absorb smells more readily than others. This is why some people’s kitchen sponges can take on unpleasant odors over time. Learn more about what causes your kitchen sponges to smell so you can choose the best one for your home. Why does my kitchen sponge…

How to Stop Bath Mat from Going Moldy?

Bath mats are twice likely to develop mold, contrary to rugs in kitchens and living rooms due to the high predisposition to moisture and dirt. Regardless of the material, whether rubber or cloth, bath mats notoriously harbor grime and, if not cleaned, could favor mold growth. Once mold grows, it cannot stop and can sometimes…

How to Fill Large Gap Between Cabinet and Wall? No DIY Skills Needed!

Filling the large gaps between the wall and the cabinet is not a hard task when renovating your home. You can easily and effectively fill the gap using caulk and formidable foam. The formidable foam will help you fill-up the large surface area in the gaps before using the caulk to fill the remaining part….