Are Large Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style? (Read Before Buying!)

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 02/10/2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

If you’re wondering whether large bathroom mirrors are out of style, then read our clear and simple guide before you buy.

Some large bathroom mirrors are out of style but others are popular. Bathroom mirrors should be functional, fit the space where they’re installed, and suit your personal preferences. Luckily it’s possible for them to do all these things and be stylish too.

There are several factors to consider before you buy a large bathroom mirror. The size of your bathroom is important, as is the purpose of the mirror, and, of course, your own personal sense of style.

This article unpacks all the most important questions around whether large bathroom mirrors are out of style in order to help you choose the best mirror for your bathroom.

Are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

This is a very broad question that is best considered in two parts.

First of all, ‘large’ is a relative term. What is considered a ‘large’ mirror will vary from person to person, while also depending on the size of the bathroom.  A half-wall mirror placed in a small bathroom might appear to be large, but the same mirror placed in a much larger room might only seem average or even small.

Secondly, how much does style matter to you? Do not be put off the idea of a large mirror if that is what fits best in your large bathroom, or is what you need in the bathroom for dressing and personal care, or to help spread light. Larger people may also need larger mirrors to get the same full view of their bodies as smaller people.

Thirdly, remember that there is a range of different types of large mirrors rather than just one. While some large mirrors are certainly out of fashion, others are highly modern and aligned with current style trends. Then there are mirrors of a classic design that will stand the test of time and match the decor of every era.

What type of large bathroom mirrors are in style now?

With large mirrors still very popular in 2022, let’s take a look at some of the large mirror styles currently trending for bathrooms…

Circular mirrors

Both modern and classic in design, circular mirrors of all types are definitely on-trend right now. A large circular mirror in your bathroom is a very ‘Zen’ choice that could add interest and harmony to the overall decor.

Curved edges

Whether a rectangle with curved corners or any form of arched mirror, curved styles are definitely in. These shapes of mirrors are great for softening more angular bathroom spaces.

Iron edging

Arched mirrors with iron edging in windowpane patterns or other styles have been growing in popularity for some time and are still very much in style this year. Be aware that this type of mirror can be very heavy in larger sizes and may not be suitable for hanging on all types of walls.

Geometric shapes

Moving beyond simple circles and squares, some of the most interesting modern bathrooms mirrors come in wider geometric shapes, especially hexagonal and octagonal. Simple framing keeps the focus on the unusual form.

Framed mirrors

Framed mirrors have risen in popularity as the wall-to-wall mirror style has fallen. Practical and manageable even in large sizes, the frame color and material can be chosen to match the wider bathroom decor. Distressed wood, gilt and other metallic effects are all in style for mirror frames.

Collaged mirrors

A modern, useful and deceptively simple way to cover a large expanse of the bathroom wall is with a collage of mirrors assembled in a grid formation or other pattern. Identical, similar or contrasting mirrors can be chosen according to the effect you want. You may be able to gather a large number of vintage mirrors cheaply through thrift stores, yard sales and second-hand websites.

Backlit mirrors

This is another classic mirror style that has never really gone out of fashion for bathrooms. In larger sizes, backlit mirrors can be a dramatic and glamorous addition to bathroom decor, as well as the perfect reflecting surface for applying makeup and skincare.

Venetian and other ornate mirrors

While this isn’t a style that will work in every decor and can prove hit and miss, more ornate mirrors, especially gilt-framed, have been making a real comeback. A large Venetian mirror can be the perfect finishing detail in a vintage or antique-luxe bathroom.

Hanging mirrors

With suspension options ranging from metal chains of all kinds to ropes or even leather, hanging mirrors can suit a range of decors.

What large bathroom mirrors are out of style now?

Some large mirrors are definitely not in style. Here are a few to avoid if you want your bathroom to fit the latest trends:

Mirror walls or large wall-to-wall vanity mirrors

Wall-to-wall mirrors of all types have fallen considerably in popularity in recent years and we can understand why.

This style of mirror is simply too large for almost every bathroom. Intended to make small bathrooms feel larger, the wall-to-wall effect can instead be overwhelming in the home environment and make people uncomfortable with the level of exposure.

In addition, splatters and spots are very obvious on such a large and clear expanse of glass, and your mirror will likely require extra cleaning.

A crack in any part of the mirror wall will probably mean complete replacement, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing…

Oval mirrors

Framed or unframed, this shape has fallen out of style in recent years with a greater appetite now for mirrors in a range of other shapes including round, square, or rectangular.

Large bevel-strip framed mirrors

This ‘Hollywood Glam’ or ‘Footballer’s Wives’ style of interior decoration is definitely long out of fashion with no sign of a quick return. Large size will only compound the dated feel of these mirrors. Opt for a more modern or classic framing instead.

How do I install a large mirror in my bathroom?

Installation depends on the type of mirror you have, the space available, and the type of walls and units you have in your bathroom.

When you have plenty of space and solid concrete, brick, or stone walls, you can install almost any large mirror if you use the right tools, techniques, and fixings for the job. Always use the right drill bit and the most appropriate setting for your walls.

For plasterboard walls, smaller rooms, and awkwardly shaped spaces, your choice of large mirrors may be more limited. If you’re putting up a large mirror on a plasterboard wall, you will need special fixings and screws for the task and should read the packaging carefully to check instructions and maximum weight allowances.

When installing a mirror on a tiled wall, you will need a power drill, a special tile drill bit, and the correct technique to make holes for the fixings. It is easy to crack tiles if you don’t drill correctly. Consider employing a professional to fix a mirror on a tiled wall unless you’re confident in your DIY skills.

If a large mirror is resting on a unit top or against a wall, consider also attaching it to the wall using a Z-bar or French cleat for maximum security.

Is a large mirror a good idea for my bathroom?

A large mirror may certainly be a good idea for your bathroom in some circumstances. If you dress, put on jewelry or apply make-up in your bathroom then a large mirror can help to make sure every part of your attire and image is just as you want it.

A large mirror can also help to spread light around an otherwise dark room, which may be a consideration in a bathroom without windows or skylights.

If your bathroom is very small, a large mirror could help it to appear more spacious.

A final word

We hope we’ve reassured you about the idea of installing a large mirror in your bathroom. Some styles may have long gone down the bathroom drain of yesterday’s fashion, but classic styles live forever, and there are always more modern styles to take the place of last year’s trends.

Before other considerations, a bathroom mirror must fit its location, its purpose, and your taste. With the wide range of mirrors on the market, there’s bound to be a large mirror option that suits your needs in the latest style.

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