Best Portable Toilet for Boat

Top 7 Best Portable Toilet for Boat in 2022 [Review & Buying Guide]

best portable toilet for boat

Whether you are in marine life or you have to spend a day and night in the boat for finishing or other reason or you aim for a boat trip, in every situation the necessity of a hygienic toilet is unavoidable.

Eventually, in the mid-river or sea, you can’t find any alternative option rather than a portable toilet to lose yourself in the call of nature.

In these circumstances, you must accompany the best portable toilet for the boat with you that would never disappoint you. Unlike household toilets, portable toilets are less weighty, easy to carry, inexpensive, and obviously easy to use and hygienic.

Now at this point, we have listed the 7 different portable toilets for the boat for you so that you can save your time in searching among 100 options.

Let’s have a look at what more we have preserved for you in the below discussion.

Here is a List of 7 Best Portable Toilet for Boat

In the market, you will find a variety of portable toilets from different brands and among them, we have found out the best portable toilet for boats that surely meet your need. Because we have included different features, quality, and function models so that every sort of person can choose as per their need.

Without further word let’s see our first pick.

1. Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating

Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 2.5 gallon
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 14 x 16 x 15.5 inches

The Camco is the name of trust when it comes to the ideal portable toilet. Consequently, Camco (41541) model is designed for boating, camping, and even for a long car drive. It has made of lightweight and durable polyethylene so easy to carry and has long-lasting durability.

The full product dimension is 14 x 16 x 15.5 inches and the weight is 10.8 pounds while empty and 32 pounds or slightly more while full.

By the way, the toiler has a 5.3-gallon waste tank that is more than enough for your tour time. Therefore carry a 2.5-gallon freshwater tank. However, it has 330 IBS weight capacity so thin or weight any people can comfortably use this.

The portable toilet carries a cap that you can easily remove to fill the flush tank with water. Moreover, it is featured with two side latches that help to keep it secure from the waste tanks.

For easy flushing, the manufacturer included hatched that placed under your whilst sitting.

Now essentially to control the odor it has a double-sealed drain valve that not only controls the odor rather protects it from leakage.

On the bottom line, it is sturdily constructed and budget-friendly portable boat toilets that have all need features and capacity. Likewise, at the bottom and top, the model carries a handle to add easy transfer facilities.


  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Side latches to secure top and bottom
  • Comes with a carrying handle
  • Reasonable in price


  • You have to care about the leaking issue
  • Water capacity low comparatively to other

2. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.5 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 4.0 gallon
  • Weight: 13.45 pounds
  • Dimension: 18.4 x 15.8 x 17.8 inches

The next up to our list is a unique portable toilet that is designed for the long tour whether it’s for boating camping, trucks, van, and so on. The model is unique because it gives you a feel like a home toilet that is one of the award-winning models in our top categories.

Well, it is beautifully designed in a compact pattern along with increase blow size and comfortable seat height.

The full product dimension is 18.4 x 15.8 x 17.8 inches and the empty weight is almost 14 pounds that allow the user to carry it from one place to another easily.

The model is having a 5.5-gallon waste tank capacity and a 4.4-gallon waste tank capacity that is much larger compared to Camco (41541) portable toilet. In fact, this particular model offers a battery power electric flush system that is powerful and comfortable in use.

Moving to the odor issue, the toilet has a sealed valve that not only blocks the odor coming rather keep it free of any leaking problem.

In addition, the toilet has integrated toilet paper holders that allow the user to keep their toilet paper within their reach but at the same time out of people’s sight.

In summary, it is an ideal portable toilet for both professional and group use and offers 50+ flush capacity in every single fill.


  • Comes with a tank level indicator
  • Having battery power electric flush
  • 50+ flush capacity in a single file
  • Hold down kit keep the toilet in place
  • Award-winning toilet


  • Bit expensive

3. VINGLI Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet w/Carrying Bag

VINGLI Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 3 gallon
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 14.4 x 16.3 x H 16.5

In the third number position, we have taken another exclusive best small portable toilet for the boat from the brads VINGLI. It is build up in high-density polyethylene material for long-lasting durability and an effortless cleaning process.

Although it is ideal for boating or finishing tours undoubtedly it can be used for a road trip, champing, healthcare, emergency need, and many more.

The overall product dimension is 14.4 x 16.3 x H 16.5 and the weight is 11.5 pounds in the empty position.

The model has a high 5.3-gallon waste tank capacity along with an efficient 3-gallon water tank capacity. The toilet is featured with a type-3 way flushing mechanism that keeps waste removal easier.

The manufactures included an anti-leakage sealing valve that not only prevents the waste from leaking rather blocks the odor from coming. Besides comes with home-like comfortable seats and side latches that secure the tank to the toilet.

Interestingly this portable toilet is having a red light indicator while the waste tank gets full. Once more build up in the handle and comes with a carrying bag for easy transfer facilities.

Well, this model is lightweight, compact, and comes with a carrying bag and type-3 flushing mechanism. Likewise, offer a budget-friendly price and large tank capacity so you can check this for your tour.


  • 95 time flush in a single fill
  • Comes with a vent that releases the pressure
  • Very easier to empty
  • Comes with a red indicator


  • Might not suit extra healthy people

4. Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet With Three Directional Flush

Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 3.75 gallon
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 12″H x 16.25″W x 17.5″ D

We again back with another Camco brand model which is again a great creation of a portable toilet. Unlike Camco (41541) this particular model is made of highly durable and sturdy   ABS resin material that is highly comfortable and long-lasting.

This 12.6-inch stander seat height is perfectly suited for your tour on boating, fishing, camping, RVing, and any other recreational activities.

You can measure the full product dimension as 12″H x 16.25″W x 17.5″ D which in empty position the weight is 11.5 IB and in the full position, it gets almost 56 IB weight.

Similar to the Camco (41541) model this one also having a 5.3-gallon waste tank capacity but unlike Camco (41541) it has a larger 3.75-gallon water tank capacity.

However, the toilet has a detachable holding tank and features pump flush action technology that effectively cleans the blow and keeps it hygienic.

Moreover, the model can effectively prevent the leak and odor issue so no need to worry about that. Therefore, the manufacturer included a lid that can be latched close for easier clean the toilet blow and allow you to completely remove it for cleaning.

In summary, if you are not happy with Camco’s (41541) water tank capacity then this model might meet your expectation. It is full of a good feature so there is no loss to make a try. 


  • Big seat size
  • Comes with a detectable flush tank
  • Small and lightweight
  • Very easy to clean
  • Durable


  • The waste collection hole might small

5. Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty – 5 Gallon Waste Tank

Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 3 gallon
  • Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 16.5″ high x 13.5″ wide x 12″ deep

In the 5th number position, we have placed a full-sized comfortable portable toilet for both adults and kind which we have snatched from ZIMMER brands. The toilet is made of quality polyethylene material the component that keeps it easy to clean and maintain.

This portable toilet can be your great companion if you’re outing for boating, camping, and hunting, and even for a long road trip or other work.

The full product dimension is 16.5″ high x 13.5″ wide x 12″ deep and weighs it super light 9.75ibs at the empty position.

The waste capacity of the toilet is 5 gallons that are slightly low than comparatively our included other model. But the water tank capacity is 3 gallons that are more than enough for any outing plan.

The noticeable feature of the model is having easy-to-use side latches. This feature allows you to easily remove the caps for freshwater filling and dumping waste.

Plus it has a slide valve that helps to tightly contain the odors and providing a watertight seat in order to block leakage.

Moro or less it can be an ideal portable toilet for your boating that has a below pump attached and allow a user to flush 50-70 times before it’s time to refill the water tank again.


  • Structure in full-size seat
  • Equipment with handle for easy carry
  • Very lightweight
  • Trouble-free filling of water
  • No odors and leaking problem


  • Waste tank capacity is slight low  comparatively to other

6. Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 3.2 gallon
  • Weight: 14.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 16.3″ L x 14.4″ W x 16.5″ H

The next up to our list is a superior portable toilet which is a design by the brands namely Alpcour. The model is build up with a travel-friendly system so you can carry it for your camping, boating, emergency potty run, traveling on the road, and many other occasional uses.

The toilet is made of durable and heavy-duty material that gives it maximum longevity and naturally minimizes the odors and more importantly it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The overall product dimension is 16.3″ L x 14.4″ W x 16.5″ H and weighs is light 14 pounds and comes with a carry bag for easy transport facilities.

In the case of waste tank capacity, the model has a 5.3-gallon waste tank and a 3.2-gallon freshwater tank. It allows you to flush up to 50 flushes in one single water filing that is huge for personal and even group use.

The manufacturer included a perfect sprayer that keeps the toilet clean and free of maintenance. Even with the 360 degrees rinse feature a user’s every press the nozzle the water pumps rapidly spraying all the sides and make it clean without any hand touch.

Interestingly, it is featured with a waste level indicator and anti-leak drain valve to lock the odor and liquid.

The model is compact, eco-friendly, comfortable, travel-friendly which is perfect for any toddler to the adult user. It is a bit expensive but it really worth the price tag.


  • Built-in piston pump flusher
  • Naturally, minimize odor and leak
  • Resistance of rust and corrosion
  • Comes with waist level indicator
  • Including anti-leak drain valve


  • The seat height is low compared to other

7. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

Key Specifics:

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Water tank Capacity: 3.2 gallon
  • Weight: 11.25 pounds
  • Dimension: (L x W x H): 20.90 x 20.50 x 18.60 inches

In the last number position, we have included a huge popular portable toilet for your boating enthusiasts, frequent traveler, and road-tripping that has come from the brand know as SereneLife. It is designed in a compact layout from a family trip that helps you to answer the nature call whenever need.

However, not only for outdoor activities you can also use it indoors as it is designed with durable and rugged construction.

The full product dimension is (L x W x H): 20.90 x 20.50 x 18.60 inches and weight is stander 11.25 pounds so undoubtedly very easy to carry from one place to another.

In the matter of flushing tank capacity, you never got disappointed because the toilet has a larger 5.3-pound waste capacity. Along with that, the manufacturer included a 3.2-gallon water tank that is enough for any portable toilet.

In addition, it is featured with a splash-proof pouring spout and a layer of leak-free odor control protection. Once more comes with a waste tank level indicator so you not need to worry about anything.

This is the last model in our top list that is not less than the other 6 models. This particular model gains the best-seller title on Amazon so you might guess how excellent the toilet is. 


  • Up 50 flush capacity in one single water filling
  • Effortless to clean
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Included waste tank level indicator


  • The seat is small for healthy people

How Does Actually a Portable Toilet Work and Why You Need This Toilet?

Well, the portable toilet somehow looks or builds in the structure of a real flushing toilet but in reality, they are far different from them. Yes, a real toilet uses a plumbing system where you don’t need to release your waste year after year use. On the other hand, the portable toilet has featured with the waste tank where the waste reserves in a tank to release later because it has no plumbing system and a portable device.

In the case of your need for a portable toilet, we guess from the above mention discussion you might already get why and when you need a portable toilet. However, maximum portable toilets are designed to be easily transportable facilities along with compact and easy to set up features.

The Thing You Need to Consider before Buying a Portable Boat Toilets

Selecting the right toilet for your boat tour is not as easy as you think so. In spite of the 7 best portable toilet list in above, there are still few things you have to consider before your final selection.

Let’s have a look.

Type of toilet

The first thing you have to make sure which type of portable boat toilet you need. Since in the market there are cassette portable toilet, pump-out portable toilet and portable travel toilet are available to choose from.

For example, the cassette toilet is fully portable and mainly installed in a tight corner whether for a permanent solution or temporary solution.

The pump-out toilet, on the other hand, is run through a manual or electrical solution and generally pre-install within the boat.

As for the travel toilet, it is featured with individual water and waste tank which is easy to carry anywhere. This type of toilet is needed to release the waste after you have done to use it.

Lastly, before you go to buy a toilet for your boat you have to make sure which type of toilet you actually need.

Toilet waste and water tank capacity

In the second number position, we have to make sure how much waste and water tank capacity the portable toilet offers you. You can’t take a toilet that has 1-gallon waste or 1-gallon water capacity right? The maximum you need up to 5-gallon waste tank capacity along with 2 to 3 gallons of water tank capacity.

So you and your group of people can easily use it for a couple of days without any problem.

Size and design

The next thing you have to check is the portable toilet size and design. You have to remember you need a portable toilet for temporary use so it should be compact in design and stander in size. Means neither too big nor so small.

Besides toilet size and design play a great role in your comfort and carry option. So considering the size and design fact is important.

Waste disposal process

This is the most crucial thing you have to consider while you are choosing a portable toilet. You must remember after use you have to dispose of the waste by yourself or another person’s help. So it would be good for the disposable process to go easy to handle.

Well, few portable toilets use a flushing system for disposal of the waste and others prefer a biodegradable sack system. So it’s your choice which you like for the disposal process.

Leak and odor-free

The last number thing you have to consider while buying a portable toilet that you have to check the manufacturer’s feature with leak and odor-free mechanism. Otherwise, you can’t tolerate the odor and if a leak occurs then undoubtedly your tour will go in vain.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about portable boat toilets

1. What is the best portable toilet for a boat?

Answer: The toilet that has up to 5-gallon waste tank capacity, up to 3-gallon water tank capacity, free from leakage and odor issue, having easy carrying option is the definition of the finest portable toilet for a boat.

2. How can I maintain my toilet for long-lasting durability?

Answer: It is very easy to maintain your toilet so that it can go long. For doing so firstly clean the toilet after every time you empty it, secondly, get proper biodegradable bags, and use them carefully during the transportation process and always close the toilet lid when you are not using it.

3. What are the main problems with a portable toilet?

Answer: Every product has a disadvantage and you can’t deny that accordingly, the main problem of any portable toilet is its stability and bit odor issue.

Final words

You can’t ignore the nature call whether you are in the home, camping, traveling, or even in the boat for fishing. In this case, our listed best portable toilet for the boat would be your great solution. Each of our models has able to make a place on the list because of its outstanding features, quality, and functionality. It is obvious you are in the right place to make a decision of buying your first or next portable toilet for the boat.