How to Cut Down Kitchen Cabinets

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 08/23/2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Cabinets in the kitchen often go through severe changes. It is partly because homeowners often remodel or at least reshape the kitchen to suit the ever-changing home décor.

Sometimes it also includes the purchase of a new refrigerator or microwave oven.

Whatever may be the cause, you need to cut down the kitchen cabinet to adjust it with the ever-changing kitchen décor. This will bring uniformity in the kitchen while allowing you to use a more compact cabinet without buying a new one.

So, today we are going to describe how to cut down kitchen cabinets to shorten them and fit better in the kitchen.  The Hunker has inspired this tutorial, so, we owe to them.

A Practical and Convenient Way to Cut Down Kitchen Cabinets

What most people don’t understand that cutting down a cabinet means to adjust the depth of the furniture. So, this tutorial is focused on how to cut down the depth of a base cabinet, which is similar to cutting down a kitchen cabinet.

The entire procedure has two different parts

  • Resizing the cabinet
  • Resizing the door to fit into the shortened cabinet

So, let’s see how we can accomplish both tasks.

Resizing the Cabinet

Resizing the Cabinet

Step One

Use a screwdriver or a drill to remove all the securing screws from the cabinet wall. If the cabinet comes with a removable shelf, you will also need to remove it.

Step Two

Now use a straightedge or a pencil to outline the cut line in all four sides of the cabinet. The cut line refers to where the saw blade will cut down the cabinet. Now, apply masking tape on the cutline to prevent the veneer or plywood from chipping.

After that, draw the cut line once again right over the masking tape to get better visibility of it when you cut the board.

Step Three

Now remove all the screws from the face frame of the cabinet. It is commonly found inside the cabinet. Using a rubber mallet, bump the kitchen cabinet off from the face frame.

Step Four

It’s time to adjust the cabinet with the table saw for depth cutting. To do so, change the blade height to ¾ inched depth cutting. Now, position the cabinet in the table saw. The face of the cabinet should face up. Now, slowly, slide the fence and cabinet on the left or right side to adjust the blade with cutline correctly. Once you are sure about the adjustment, lock the fence of the saw.

Step Five

With a push stick, push the cabinet through the saw blade to per from the cuts. Do the same for every four sides.

Step Six​

Now use a hammer to remove the cut-out pieces security from the cabinet bottom. Then use pliers to rip off the nails.

After that, use a screwdriver and drill to secure the bottom of the cabinet with 11/4 inches pin nails for the base and ¾ inches screws for the cabinet back.

Step Seven

Carefully measure the rail depth and cut it accordingly to adjust the depth of it with the newly resized kitchen cabinet.  You will require to use meter gauge, and the table saw for this purpose.

Step Eight

Now it’s time to readjust the rail with the vertical stiles. To do so, at first remove the stiles and create two holes in an angled form. Apply glue on the holes and then reattach the rail and stiles om to the cabinet. If will secure the stile and rail joint further.

Step Nine

Lastly, apply strong glue on the cut-out cabinet so that it sticks better. Use two clamps carefully on either side of the cabinet so that it doesn’t disintegrate. Once you are confirmed that the glue has held firmly, remove the braces for adjusting the wall.

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Resizing the Door

table saw to cut the door

Step One

Use a table saw to cut the door into two halves in a perpendicular motion.

Step Two

Remove all the screws from the door and measure the height that you would need to adjust for the cabinet and door itself.

Step Three

Cut through the height of the door against the fence using a table saw.

Step Four

Now, using a drill creates two holes vertically on the top half of the cabinet door. The holes should be evenly positioned.

Step Five

Lastly, use screws to secure the door and then reinstall all the essential hardware to adjust the door properly with the shortened cabinet.

cabinet doorcabinet door update

Now you can place the cabinet back to its original position.


If you really want to cut the depth of a base or kitchen cabinet, ensure that you have a couple of hours at hand. It is because the whole process is time-consuming and needs proper attention all through the way. Otherwise, you may well end up making a mess out of it.

However, your commitment and concentration will do wonders in resizing the cabinet, and it would look like a flawless piece.

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