How To Adjust The Dual Flush Toilet Mechanism

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/24/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Are you wondering about how to adjust the dual flush toilet mechanism? Does your ecological conscience make you shudder?

Do not be alarmed! We have advice so that adjusting the mechanism of your dual flush toilet is only a procedure. So, stay tuned!

What is the Toilet Flush Mechanism?

The flush mechanism is a fundamental part of the toilet. It is made up of the filling valve and the discharge mechanism.

It usually consists of a buoy that is the one that regulates the water level and the amount of water that enters. Some of the mechanisms have a regulator in the float that will help us monitor the amount of water.

How Does A Dual Flash Mechanism Work?

The adjusting mechanism is made up of two main elements, the push button, and the internal mechanism. By pressing the button, which in some models may be a handle, the tank will be emptied, and thus everything deposited in the WC will go.

Then the internal mechanism will make the tank fill with water up to the chosen level, and the WC is ready for the next adjustment.

Types of Mechanism

The double adjust mechanism allows us to save 50% of water; two types of arrangements can be distinguished, the mechanical and the one that works with a cable.

The mechanical unloader is which the button and the unloader are connected, this causes them to be joined, and the lid cannot be opened.

The downloader by cable is connected, as its name indicates, by a cable, which makes the downloader act.

The toilet flushes dirty water in three different ways; that is, there are three types of water outlets, horizontal, vertical, and dual. There are toilets of each type:

Vertical: it has a siphon oriented towards the ground; this adjustment is used for installations that have evacuation on the ground.

Horizontal: it also incorporates a siphon but oriented towards the wall; it is used for installations that have the pipe on the wall.

Dual: It has an accessory so that we can change the evacuation system, and its internal form allows you to adjust both ways.

Steps on How to Adjust Dual Flush Toilet Mechanism

The first thing we have to do is close the water inlet to the toilet tank. To do this, we will close the square key that we have on the wall.

We can also close the full water inlet of the house. We can unscrew the cover of the faulty discharge button, making it turn to the left.

The mechanism on one side corresponds to the water filling valve. We have to unscrew the plug in the center, which is the discharge valve. The next thing is to remove the hose that is placed in the water inlet.

In the next step, we must remove the tank from the toilet by removing some screws and nuts on the bottom; for this, we remove the screws with the help of a screwdriver and removing the nuts.

Having the tank removed, we can place the new adjustable valve at the bottom and hold it with the black plastic nut on the outside of the container.

We replace the tank, fixing the screws and nuts securely. On the right, there should be the 6-liter adjust option and on the left, the 3-liter option, and we hook the hose back to the water inlet.


The dual flush toilet mechanism is complicated, and it needs an expert pair of hands to adjust correctly. Before getting into the act, make sure that you have all the necessary steps in your mind and then jump into it.

So, that’s all on how to adjust the dual flush toilet mechanism. Do leave a comment below if you find this guide helpful for you!

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