Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain: An Expert’s Guide

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/29/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Clawfoot shower tubs don’t follow any traditional pattern of tubs; instead, they come with an ultimate luxurious and vintage look. It adds a soothing look to your bathing area. To make this area more eye-catching, you need to hang a shower curtain on the clawfoot tub. This shower curtain is necessary not only for a better look but also to make sure of your privacy. There are plenty of options out there to buy a single shower curtain. But all the brands are not capable of meeting up your needs. No worries. We are here to give you all details on the clawfoot tub shower curtain, which will help you in purchasing.

Why Is Shower Curtain Necessary?

Blocking Water Splash

One of the most crucial purposes of the shower curtain is keeping the shower water off the floor. We all want a tidy bathroom space. If your shower water comes to the floor, then it may create a dangerous spot for slipping or sliding. Moreover, it makes the place messy and uncomfortable. In this case, the solution is, using a shower curtain.

Securing Privacy

Then comes the matter of privacy. As taking a shower and pampering our private body parts is undoubtedly a private job, we need to maintain our privacy by covering the bathing area. In that sense, the shower curtain is essential.


If we talk about the looks, then the shower curtain enhances the beauty and creates a vintage look to the bathrooms. Moreover, it gives an aesthetic sense while taking a shower.

Keep in Mind for Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains


You can choose either a cloth or vinyl material curtain for your clawfoot tub. But you will find a difference in their performances. When you use cloth, it looks more elegant, comfortable to hung, and provides a soothing feeling. However, the cleaning process for cloth curtains is pretty challenging. And you need to iron-press it as well. On the other hand, vinyl curtains are easy to wash, but it doesn’t give any attractive look.


As our bathing area is limited, we cannot go for oversized curtains. So, purchasing a curtain with the right size of your clawfoot tub is a smart job. You have to measure the height of the shower rod and the length of the shower before buying or making your curtain.


The color of the curtain differs a lot in your shower room. Pastel color curtains will make you feel the space bigger. Furthermore, it soothes the eyes and provides ultimate serenity to the bathroom area. In contrast, fancy and colorful printed curtains make the entire space more alive and dazzling. So, according to your preference, you can choose the color of your shower curtain.

Getting the Accurate Accessories

To make your shower curtain more user-friendly, you will need to have some essential equipment. So, consider a glance at the following list of accessories.


As the curtain hung freely with the rod, it is one of the essential materials to have. You have to attach it right on the top of the tub. Make sure that the rod is set up at the right height. Otherwise, it will affect your shower experience by creating an uncomfortable movement of curtains. Moreover, the rod should be made in stainless-steel and rust-proof material.

Curtain Rings

For the smoothest movement of the shower curtain, you need to check the quality of the rings. As we need to pull the curtains constantly, this frequent ring sliding may affect the polish of the curtain rod. So, before buying the rings, check their polish and durability. We would like to recommend using the roller balls shower curtain ring, which provides flexible movements.


To avoid clingy feeling from the shower liners, you can use small magnets. Magnets stick the liner to the tub, which prevents this annoying situation.


To conclude, the clawfoot tub shower curtain comes in different patterns and designs. Some of them come with a simple design, and some of them come with a fancy outer look. But it would be best if you need to decide which can meet your preferences. Before purchasing the shower curtain, don’t only look for the design but also the quality. Choose the right curtain on the basis of ergonomic and sleek design along with the service quality.

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