Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder: Things You Should Know

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/24/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Your bathroom or toilet speaks a lot about your taste and personality. Also, it’s the place where you go for relaxation, and sometimes, unique thoughts come to mind. Whatever may be the reason you should decorate the toilet with modern amenities so, you always get a premium feel.

And for such premium-ness, you can equip the bathroom with an oil-rubbed bronze toilet paper holder. It will instantly add a flare of modernity and contemporary décor. Besides, it will also last longer than you may imagine.

Benefits of Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Oil rubbed bronze accessories for the bathroom are an advantage that comes along with a traditional appearance. Also, oil rubbed bronze accessories are more durable.

Some of the best benefits of using a toilet paper holder made of oil-rubbed bronze have been described below. This should let you know the worthiness of the item.

A Good Look

These days, most people love decorating their toilets with a traditional look that also suits the need for modern-day. A toilet paper holder with an oil-rubbed bronze coating is a master of adding such a classic yet trendy appearance that otherwise most toilet holders will fail to provide.

So, it gives your toilet an impressive look.

Matches A Variety of Decors

Many modern-day toilets come with a variety of decors. The chances are high that your different toilet accessories come with varying finishes. It would make the toilet remodeling incredibly tough, especially when it comes to matching the other accessories.

Luckily, toilet holders with a rich oil-rubbed bronze finish will perfectly match the varying layers of decoration. Hence, you become free from the risk of choosing a mismatched toilet paper. Thus, the bronze finish with the oil rubbing will easily suit the different colors of the toilet accessories.


Bronze has always been known for its endurance. The oil rubbing on top of the bronze further boosts the durability. And all these are added advantages for the overall strength of the toilet paper holder.

Since a toilet paper holder will be placed close to water taps and take regular water splashes, it is necessary to have water resistance. Bronzed rubbed oil finish on the toilet paper holder brings such incredible water resistance to the play.

So, you can forget about the toilet paper holder once you install it. In fact, this toilet paper holder could be the very last item of its kind that you need to buy. Bring a smile to your face.


Another benefit of the toilet paper made with bronze having oil rubbed topping is the consistency it brings along with the item. While other fixtures such as nickel finish or stainless steel quickly catch fingerprints and water spots, bronze with oil finish has reliable protection from them.

So, you get spotless toilet paper for a more extended period.


Bronze is a much budget-friendly alternative compared to steel or nickel. So, even if you are heavily on a tight budget, you can access the loveliness and eye-pleasant beauty of the bronze-made and oil-rubbed toilet paper holders.

Furthermore, the reflective appearance of the oil rubbing looks attractive also.

Disadvantages of The Bronze Toilet Paper Holder with Oil Rubbing

Likewise, the several benefits it brings on, the toilet paper holder of bronze, also has a few drawbacks. First off, it needs extensive cleaning. Since it has a reflective look, the specs of dust on it are immediately visible.

Hence, it would adequately be best if you cleaned these specks of dust quite often. Sometimes, this can be hectic, especially with a busy schedule these days people have. Therefore, you also need to count on the issue.


Oil rubbed bronze toilet paper will be a perfect match for the Mediterranean, Tuscan, and the more traditional look of your bathroom. Also, it matches a variety of bathroom fixtures that permits you to choose the model for various items.

So, even if you are running short of accounts, choosing this toilet paper will be your best option to bring a different look to the toilet interior. Furthermore, you will have a feel of royalty with such good looks and help you relax in the world’s best relaxing space.


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