How To Install A Toilet Flange In New Construction-Different Ways

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/26/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Installing a toilet flange properly is exceptionally crucial for your bathroom. If you fail to install the flange appropriately, booing gas and water may leak around to affect your living space. Hence, people are concerned with how to install a toilet flange in new construction.

Therefore, today we are going to look at the most convenient way to install a toilet flange on new construction. We have included two different ways to fix the toilet flange-

So, we hope you find the installation process helpful.

How to Install A Toilet Flange on Concrete?


Before we begin the fixing of the toilet flange, remember that it is different from the replacement. You won’t have to deal with uneven surfaces and so on.

Now let’s begin the setup of the toilet flange on the concrete floor of new construction.

Step 1

At first, you will require to cut the toilet flange’s soil stack to make it even with the concrete floor. You can use a portable hacksaw to cut the soil stack with ease.

Step 2

Now you will require to place the closet of the toilet flange into the adjacent drainpipe. The flange closet will rotate at ease around the drainpipe as the collar will fit into the floor. If it doesn’t happen, check if there’s anything wrong or not.

Step 3

Now take the closet flange away from the drainpipe to apply PVC primer on it. You need to use the PVC primer on the interior of the soil pipe and the exterior of the flange closet.

Now use PVC cement on both sides of the flange. Then reset the toilet flange on the drainpipe carefully.

Step 4

The toilet flange should be in a parallel direction of the wall located behind the wall. So, keep moving the rim until it comes in a parallel position before the cement seats in to disallow any movements.

Step 5

Now you will need to make sure that the toilet flange doesn’t move after you complete the installation. To stop the movement of the rim, you need to tighten it using screws and nuts. You should use stainless steel screws so that they don’t corrode over time.

Step 6

You will see that there’re two closet bolts with the flange package. You should fit the balls with the flange collar. As you do so, the threading of the closet bolts should face direction upwards.

Lastly, place the wax ring on the flange so that you can later install the toilet on the flange. That’s it- you have successfully set up a new toilet flange on a concrete floor. However, installing the flange on a tile floor is different.

To know about toilet flange installation on tile, read the following section.

How to Install A Toilet Flange on Tile?

A toilet flange on the tile floor anchors the toilet securely. So, it is incredibly essential to set up the collar properly. You can do it by following these easy steps.

1. Place the flange on the tile. As you do so, make sure of the following things-

2. The back holes should be parallel with the back wall.

3. Two slots need to be parallel with the two side walls.

4. Now carefully mark the drilling areas to tighten the toilet flange with the tile floor. You will need to create at least four drilling spaces so that the flange is placed firmly.

5. Now use a variable speed drilling machine to create the holes.

6. Once you are ready with the holes, one by one tightens the screws using a screwdriver.

7. Make sure that all the screws have been fastened, and the toilet flange is set up appropriately. If it keeps moving, you may need to recheck the screwing procedure.


Who doesn’t want to keep their living space clean and healthy? In this case, a proper toilet is an utmost necessity. And to get an appropriate toilet, you must know the installation of the toilet flange so that it doesn’t allow water or gas leakage.

We hope the steps mentioned above will come in handy for you. Moreover, the steps are straightforward and so won’t require any professional plumbing helps. This is a money-saver process. So, what about giving it a try?

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