How to Remove a Steel Bathtub

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  • Date: 08/23/2021
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You are on your way to remodeling the bathroom and suddenly find a steel bathtub boasting of its presence. And what’s worst is that the steel bathtub appears impossible to remove, like, it is meant to be in the bathroom forever.

Don’t, worry we have an exciting and integrated tutorial on how to remove a steel bathtub easily and fast. We have also compiled ideas on how to remove drain and rust from a standard steel bathtub. As pro plumbers, we have kept the methods easy and convenient for your understanding.

So, are you up for an exciting tutorial?

An Effective Way to Remove A Steel Bathtub

We have seen many people scared of removing a steel bathtub; they think it’s a herculean task. But is that so? No, not at all.

Just check the following steps and see how easy the removal process is. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at what you will require to remove the steel bathtub.

  • A pliers
  • A hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Safety goggles and glasses.
Step 1

At first, you need to remove all the plumbing accessories connected with the steel bathtub. It broadly includes a faucet, water valves, handles, shower diverter, and drain lever.

However, you need to get access to the attached tailpiece and drain pipe from underneath the bathtub.

Step 2

Use the already brought hammer and pry bar to remove all the panels, tiles, and other essential components to open up the adjacent wall. Once the studs are bare, slowly enter the pry bar underneath the external edge of the adjoining shower wall.

Apply mild pressure to pry off the first piece from the wall. Once you loosen the 1st wall piece, the rest should come out quickly with the clever use of a pry bar and hammer.

Step 3

Sometimes nails hold the studs and the bathtub firmly together. Commonly, pins are placed on the top rim of a steel bathtub. It would help if you used pliers or hammers to remove these nails. Also, check if there is anything else that you need to remove.

Step 4

Once you have successfully pried off the wall and disconnected the steel bathtub from it, you can straight-pull it off. The steel bathtub is relatively lightweight. But due to its awkward size, we recommend you to use a helper when you pull off it. This will make the removal process easy and comfortable, besides, negating the chance of any accidental fall-offs.

Step 5

Slowly, turn the bathtub upside down and bring it outside of the bathtub.

That’s it- you have removed the steel bathtub. Does this look tough?

We have also written about how to remove fiberglass bathtub and Acrylic Bathtub Cleaning guide.

How To Remove A Steel Bathtub Drain

How To Remove A Steel Bathtub Drain

You may need to remove the steel bathtub drain as part of your more massive bathroom remodeling. Bit how do you remove a tub drain? Wait, we might have an exciting idea for you, just read it through.

A Bathtub Drain Removal Tool can also help with removing a tub but it is not necessary.


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Step 1.

Depending on your steel bathtub model, you may require to remove either a stopper or screen at first. Unscrew the stopper with a screwdriver to remove it. To remove the screen, enter pliers through the screen and pull it off.

Step 2.

Use a set of locking pliers to clamp it with the metal cross on top of the drain. It will close the drain with the clamp pliers.

Step 3.

Make sure that the locking pliers are holding the drain firmly. Now, use another set of regular pliers to attach it with the locking pliers.

Step 4.

Move the second set of pliers in the anti-clockwise direction to remove the plumbers’ putty. Blowing warm air may reduce the workload.

Step 5.

After a few turns, the drain should be loose enough so that you can pull it off using your hands. Since steel bathtub drains have a long thread, you may need to apply the turn with the pliers several times.

How To Remove Rust From A Steel Bathtub

How To Remove Rust Stains From A Fiberglass Bathtub

Removing rust from a steel bathtub is straightforward and convenient. You may do it with the use of lemon juice or baking soda in combination with vinegar.

Pour some lemon juices over the rust affected area to dampen it. Now, add some salts on the already dampened area and let it react with the rust for a few hours. Wipe off the rust with a microfiber cloth.

Alternatively, you may use a paste of baking soda and vinegar. Depending on how severe the rust on the steel is, you may need to apply mild to strong vinegar. After using the paste, allow it to sit on the rust for a few hours.

Then, slowly rinse it using a microfiber cloth.

You should get a rust-free brand-new steel tub.


As part of the more significant bathroom remodeling project, we have emphasized on how to remove a steel bathtub, and it’s drain as well as how to remove rust from a steel bathtub. We would be glad if this comes handy for you and we are confident about it.

Check for the next tutorial.

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