Different Ways To Stop Bathtub From Draining

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  • Date: 08/23/2021
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Imagine a day you had to deal with all the works in the office, and you came back home for a refreshing shower.

And guess what?

You find your bathtub draining like anything, not allowing you to relax in the warm water. That’s worse!

But we have solutions for you. We are presenting you with different ways on how to block bathtub drain without a plug to enjoy a refreshing bath.

How to Block A Bathtub Drain Without A Plug?

If you don’t have a cap to stop bathtub from draining, don’t get upset. You can use a single serving coffee cup or even a medicine cup to stop the draining. A Keurig cup or a 1-15 ml medicine cup should be sufficient to block the water drain.

coffee cup

You will only require to place the cup on the drain point, which is usually on the bottom first position of the bathtub.

If, however, the cup is too lightweight to hold on to the water, wrap it with some regular rubber bands to increase its thickness.

Done- your bathtub won’t drain until you remove the K-cup coffee pod.

How to Stop Bathtub from Draining?

If you aren’t satisfied with the K-cup solution, here’s another way to end the draining.  Yes, you can use a plastic lid or jam jar lid to stop the draining. The only thing you need to keep in mind that the cover needs to be thick enough to withstand the strength of the water and, consequently, should fit into the drain mouth.

plastic lid

At first, place the lid on the draining point and then tighten the seal using dampening. As you put water on the tub, it should hold the lid on its place. That’s it.

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How to Keep Water in Bathtub Without Stopper?

Sometimes it so happens that the drain stopper stops working at critical moments. So, you must know how to keep water in the bathtub without a stopper. Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward, and you need not worry much.

We understand that fixing the draining issue with different tools from home seems more likely a practical solution. Unfortunately, using a medicine cup, K-cup pod, or even a lid are all temporary solutions. So, it’s better you solve the problem forever.

rubber plug stopper

The best possible way is to purchase a rubber plug or stopper from a nearby store. Nonetheless, rubber stopper also tends to stop working after a while, which leaves your tub drain once again.

Considering all these limitations, we recommend you purchase and set up a professional-grade high-quality bathtub stopper in the tub.

This will allow you to drain and undrained the tub according to your wish. And also, you won’t have to think about the annoying drainer anymore.

However, if you find it challenging to restore the stopper, we suggest you seek help from a professional plumber.

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How to Stop Bathtub Overflow Drain?

Overflow drains broadly means a sewer that prevents the bathtub from overflow. This is particularly significant if you are a small person, or your tub height is minimal.

Overflowing often leaves unwanted stains of water on the tub, which looks ugly. Furthermore, the overflow drain also hampers comfortable bathing.

There’s a solution to stop the bathtub overflow drain. At first, please take a photo of the overflow drain and then take it to your nearby plumbing shop.

bathtub overflow brain

After that, let them see the picture of the overflow drain. They will most likely find you a better seal with proper tightening screws so that it stops the overflow drain. Alternatively, you can use a regular plastic bag. Don’t be surprised since plastic is one of the most lightweight yet rugged materials ever built. You wrapped the plastic several times and put it on the overflow drain. That’s all you will need to do.

Isn’t it simple?

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How to Close Bathtub Drain?

A warm shower after a long tiring day is all everyone wants. Nonetheless, to do so, you need to close the bathtub drain at first so that the tub may hold on to the water.  The drain closing is pretty straightforward.

Here is Our Solution on How to Close the Bathtub Drain.

Step 1.

Firstly, step int the bathtub and inspect for a know or metal lever. It is usually situated beneath the shower head and upon the shower wall.

Step 2.

If you don’t find any metal lever or knob, then look carefully for a plastic chain. It should be attached to a string. Many tubs use a plastic covering instead of a lever or know to prevent the water drain.

Step 3.

If you find a lever or knob, flip it to stop the water drain. Otherwise, use the plastic cover to close the bathtub drain.

Step 4.


Now turn on the tap and see if the tub drains out of water. Your bathtub should retain the water, letting you a comfy bath.

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A bathtub filler with mild-warm water and you are in it- half sunk. That’s some celestial feelings. However, to do so, you must know how to stop the bathtub drain. This guideline on different ways to prevent tub draining with or without a stopper or plug thus should come handy for you.

So, that’s all for today and wish you a happy shower.

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