Why Do Bathroom Doors Open Outwards? (Reasons You Don’t Realize!)

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 09/13/2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom. Being able to install one in a house has many perks. Apart from answering nature’s call and washing one’s hands, it is a great place to go when you want to think. People say that some of the world’s best ideas were thought out in a bathroom. While designing a bathroom, one might find themselves in a predicament over which side the door should face.

While it might not seem like a big issue, the direction a door opens will greatly affect the way the rest of the house looks like.  Size of the bathroom is a big reason why doors open outwards. To help you figure this out, here are some of the things you should know about how your bathroom door opens.

Factors that will determine whether you have a push or pull door into the bathroom

One of the things many people forget to keep in mind is the fact that the way doors are placed will vary from house to house. While there are some preferences most people have, all these will be dependent on the type of house. For this reason, it is vital that one hires an interior designer as well as an architect when designing the house.

These two people will work together to ensure that no matter what direction the door faces, it is in sync with everything else in the house. Some of the things that greatly determine how a bathroom door should open are as seen below.

Size of the house

The size of the home being built will go a long way to determine whether doors swing out or in. If the house is small, then the push to enter the door would work best. The reason behind this being, the bathroom door will not block the hallway whenever one wants to get in. On the other hand, if the bathroom is very small, a pull to enter the door would be recommended, no one wants to struggle with closing the door behind them whenever they enter the bathroom.


Another thing one needs to look at is the safety of the other occupants in the room. While it is easy for a child to get their fingers banged into a door, anyone can get hit by a door that was opened in their face. Pull to enter doors means they will be a push to exit. For this reason, it is very easy for someone to hit another because you cannot see who is coming by as you exit the bathroom.

Having a pull-to-exit door is recommended, so such accidents are avoided at all costs. Opening the door in someone’s face can be dangerous, especially if it is done with a lot of force. If this happens in an office setting, it can lead to expensive lawsuits due to the harm caused by the door.

Odor control

Another reason why most people prefer a push to enter the bathroom door is odor control. With a push to enter the door, the outside air gets into the bathroom and reduces and an odor that might be in it. If it was a pull to enter the door, then that means that the odors from the bathroom will get outside and lead to a bad smell in the house.


The other reason why a pull to enter the door is recommended for the bathroom is for sanitation purposes. Many times when one leaves the bathroom, they have washed their hands. With a push door, all they need to door is push the door a little bit, and it will open. While this might not apply in small spaces or doors that have a turning knob, they come in handy, especially in a public restroom. No one wants to be pulling on a door after they just washed their hands.


If you have ever been in the bathroom and had someone open the door on you, then you know just how embarrassing and annoying it can be for you. If it was a push to enter the door, then all you would have had to do is stop the door from opening with your foot or something. With a pull door, this is impossible. Pull doors do not accord you the privacy you need, and it makes the whole bathroom trip stressful. In such a situation, a push to enter the door comes in handy for you.

How to choose the right door.

With all these factors, all you need to do is sit down and try and figure out which door works for you and your home. With the factors above, it is very obvious that a push to enter the door is the best option for anyone who wants to install a bathroom door. It is safe, accords someone the right to privacy, and is not accident-prone.

The pull to enter door might not work in this situation, especially since most houses are built with limited bathroom space. It helps if you can accommodate all the doors without posing a risk to the people in the home.

The right design of the doors in your house will play a lot in the aesthetics of the entire home. You might not see it as vital but if you are not keen, you will end up with a house that is overcrowded. Ensure you take your time and do your research before you settle on the doors you want in your house. If you are unsure about the choice of the door you have, then it helps if you consult your designer and architect. They will be able to go through the details with you and choose something that works for you and your home.

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