Can You Wash Bathroom Rugs with Towels? (Find Out Now!)

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 09/13/2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Washing your bathroom rugs with towels isn’t a bad idea. The most appropriate way to ensure that you clean your rugs after accumulating dirt or grime is by cleaning them with towels or other bathroom rugs. Cleaning them with towels ensures that you get clean rugs and prevents lint’s from your clothes.

After a certain period, the bathroom rugs will have gathered a lot of dirt, and you’ll need to clean them. During the cleaning phase, there is a question most homeowners ask; can you wash bathroom rugs with towels? The perfect response is ‘yes,’ it’s a better idea to wash your bathroom rugs only with the towels. Washing the bathroom rugs with towels will ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and grime without having lint all over your clothes.

Using any towels or other bathroom rugs is the appropriate way to clean your rugs effectively. Read through the article to identify care for bathroom rugs and washing them with towels. Additionally, the article will discuss the essential tips to consider while cleaning bathroom rugs.

How to Care For Your Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs may take a long time in the bathroom before cleaning; however, after collecting too much dirt, you need to take proper care of the rugs. Below are some of the effective ways of caring for the bathroom rugs:

1. Use the washing machines to clean them effectively

The manufacturers make the bathroom rugs from different materials that may vary in maintenance and cleaning. These materials include; bamboo, chenille, polyester, microfibers, and even nylon. Most materials the manufacturers use will quickly get into the washing machine.

Therefore, you can efficiently and effectively clean your dirty bathroom rugs in the washing machine. You can also include the bathroom rugs with a rubberized backing to prevent slipping on the floor in the washing machine.

2. Wash the bathroom rugs regularly

There is no specific duration that you should be cleaning your rugs. Despite being rugged, these bathroom rugs usually accumulate dirt, grime, and even bacteria, thus, making them dull. After you identify that, you need to clean your rug; it’ll be essential to check for the cleaning instructions.

The cleaning instructions will help you to get the appropriate cleaning procedures for your rug. More so, the instructions will help you identify if you can throw the rug directly into the dryer or washer, or these are some other things you’ve to do before placing it. Some materials restrict the use of the dryer or washer to clean the rugs.

Can You Wash All The Bathroom Rugs With A Towel?

Most individuals have been wondering if it’s right to wash their bathroom rugs with a towel; most experts advise that it’s appropriate in most cases. It’s the best option to clean the rugs using any towel. Alternatively, you can opt for washing the rugs using other bathroom rugs instead of using different materials.

While cleaning the rugs, they produce a lot of lint, which may get all over your clothes. Using a towel or other bathroom rug will save you from the lint that appears all over your clothes after cleaning. Therefore, cleaning the mats with a towel will be essential to prevent the lint from getting to your clothes and for effective cleaning.

Essential Tips to Consider When Cleaning the Bathroom Rugs

Before cleaning the bathroom rugs with towels, there are some critical features you need to consider while cleaning. The essential tips you need to consider while cleaning your bathroom rug include:

1. Shake the bathroom rug

Before getting the rugs into your washing machine, it’ll be necessary to take them outside and shake them. When you shake the mats, it’ll help eliminate all the dirt and dust accumulated by the rug. The shaking off the dirt will help to ensure that you don’t fill the washer with dirt and dust that the rug had accumulated.

2. Read the washing instructions on the mat

Before starting any washing process, it’ll be essential to read the washing instructions on the rug. While reading, ensure you grasp everything and don’t leave anything significant, as you may skip a critical process. The instructions will also allow you to check if you can use the washer to wash your rug or you’ll need a manual backup.

3. Observe the maximum of rugs while washing

While washing the rugs in the washer, it’ll be great to observe the maximum number of rugs you have to clean at a particular time. The maximum number is approximately two bathroom rugs at a time. The number of bathroom rugs in the washer will solemnly depend on the size of the rugs and washer; in some washers, you can even place more than two rugs.

4. Ensure a balance of the washing machine

It’ll be great to create a balance for the machine while using it. A good balance ensures that the cleaning process is effective and successful, preventing the appliance from getting off-kilter. When the machine gets off-kilter, it produces a particular annoying buzzing sound that may irritate your ears during all the procedures.

5. Never use bleach

When you’re cleaning the bathroom rugs, it’s good to avoid using bleach. Even if you’ve got white towels in the dryer, it’s not advisable to use any form of bleach while cleaning the rugs. Bleach is the leading cause of damaging the fabric and even light-colored rugs.

Bleach may cause more harm than good to your bathroom rugs. Therefore, it’s the best option to avoid adding bleach while washing the mats. You can only use the detergents that the cleaning instructions or the manufacturers advise.


Washing the rugs isn’t a difficult task; you can easily wash them following the instructions and use towels to clean them. Experts don’t recommend anything else for washing apart from the towel for washing the rugs.

Using the suitable detergent, following all the essential tips, and operating the washer carefully will be crucial when cleaning your bathroom. These processes will leave your bathroom rugs fluffy and clean all the time.

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