Can A Kitchen Faucet Be Used for A Bathtub: Think before You Use

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 08/18/2021
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Whenever it comes to a replacement of the damaged faucet of the bathroom or bathtub, the kitchen faucet pops up in our mind as the immediate alternative. We all consider it as a quick and easy replacement for the bathtub faucet as both serve the purpose of watering in the first place.

But before you can actually use it, think about it—-

Can a kitchen faucet be used for a bathtub?

Yes, you can easily use the kitchen faucet as the substitute for the bathtub faucet. However, you have to ensure that the hose of the bathtub fits the faucet quickly. It means the holes of the bathtub hose should find the sink faucet width usable. Also, the bowl should have the capacity to handle the amount of water a bathtub uses.

Nonetheless, both valves have some similarities and dissimilarities too. Once you know them well, your installation will be easier.

Can A Kitchen Faucet Be Used for A Bathtub?

Many homeowners ask, “Can you use a sink faucet for a tub?”

We have dug deep into the question and find the following answers suitable. Although the short answer to this question is yes, the substitution and replacement procedure isn’t so easy. You have to consider some essential factors closely.

  • In most general cases, the bathtub hose fittings will be different from the kitchen sink fittings. Thus, you must check the water hose holes of the bathtub and make sure it fits the sink spout properly. The best way is to call a professional plumber and take his opinion before you consider using the sink faucet for the bathroom.
  • A sink faucet is generally larger than the bathroom or bathtub faucet, although the bathtub accommodates a higher amount of water. Thus, the application of a sink faucet in the bathroom gets trickier. The bathroom and bathtub faucet comes with a smaller bowl for draining water which is a mismatch of the sink valve. Hence, you have to consider this inconvenience closely in case any future plumbing issues appear suddenly.

In the bathtub and bathroom, the faucet holes usually come prefabricated. It enables the plumber to use a specific structure for quick plug-and-play installation. The faucet and hose support a standard 4-inches hole, and it comes pre-drilled.

The sinkholes on the sink valve have different pre-drilling systems and work differently, too. It accommodates multiple handles or a single water nozzle to allow the water to run through it for cleaning purposes.

You have to consider this mismatch before using the sink faucet in the bathtub. It is essential as in the future you may face several plumbing issues that need to be dealt with cleverly.

What Is the Difference Between A Faucet for A Sink and A Faucet for A Tub?

Although at first glance, both bathtub and sink faucet appears identical, there’re some subtle differences between the two.

To begin with, you will see a size distinction between the bathtub and the sink’s valve. The sink faucets are definitely larger and feature a higher arc than the bathtub spout.

The size difference between the two sprouts comes mainly due to the different use of the two faucets. Firstly, a kitchen sink is often used to clean vegetables, other food items, and even meats. Also, you will most likely clean and wash kitchen utensils and plates, and glasses in the kitchen sink. Thus, the faucet needs a bigger diameter for supplying more water in a limited time. Similarly, the higher arc allows more space underneath the faucet.

Lastly, the sink faucet comes with swiveling facility. The bathtub faucet may not have such swiveling facility. The swiveling in the sink is crucial because you need to alter the water flow direction to clean everything properly.

In the bathtub, the main idea is to accumulate water so you can lie down inside the bathtub and take a bath in a happy mode. Once the bathtub is filled with water, you won’t use the faucet anymore. For cleaning your body, you will most likely use the hand shower. Thus, the bathtub faucet doesn’t require such swiveling facility.

Another difference between the sink and bathtub faucet comes through the faucet height. The sink sprout with its higher arc is generally higher than the bathtub spout. It enables you to move the cleaning items underneath it freely and easily. The bathtub sprout doesn’t come with such heights, which is a big concern while installing the kitchen valve here.

What Is the Difference Between A Tub and A Sink?

Although the primary task of both the tub and sink is to accommodate water, they have some key distinctions as well.

First off, a bathtub is more like a long and wide barrel. It is used to hold a large amount of water as you would do with a large container. The tub is large enough to accommodate the whole of your body along with enough water. It allows you to submerge the entire body.

The sink, on the other hand, is a simple mid-sized bowl. It is used in the bathroom, kitchen, and even on the dining table to allow you to wash off your face, hands, kitchen utensils, plates, and other accessories. It can be of stainless steel, tiles of different kinds. The bathtub is made of concrete or tiles mostly. You will never see a tub made of stainless steel.

Lastly, the sink is replaceable at ease. The tub in the bathroom is almost a permanent installation compared to the sink.


So, can a kitchen faucet be used for a bathtub? Theoretically speaking, you can use the kitchen faucet as the substitute in your bathtub. But should you really use the faucet in your tub? This is a critical question to answer.

 The kitchen faucet, when installed in the bathtub, will simply look like a mismatched replacement. It doesn’t suit the aesthetical purpose either. Also, the higher arc of the sink faucet will simply look like an awkward match with the bathtub. Since there are several visually pleasing and stylish faucets available for the bathtub, you should avoid using the kitchen sprout for this purpose.

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