Frameless Shower Doors: A Complete Guide

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/24/2021
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In an entire day, we need to do many things regularly. Among them, taking a bath is one of the essential needs, which ensures the hygiene of our body by giving proper sanitization.

So, it is clear that taking a shower in a hygienic and neat place can make this routine more engaging, healthier, safer, and fuller of refreshments. From this demand, the idea of shower doors has come.

In the case of adding shower doors in the bathroom, most of us go for the frameless shower doors, which are stylish, light and comes with sleek designs. If you are looking for the best guide for frameless doors, then you might consider a glance at the following guideline.

Why will You Need Frameless Shower Doors?

Frameless shower doors are getting demandable mainly for their flexible customizing nature. Yes, you can easily customize these shower doors according to your needs, area, and size. They are going to add more flexibility in the installation, while framed shower doors won’t.

If you are thinking about look and design, then again, frameless shower doors will win your heart. They are light and simply adds a decent look to your bathing area. Framed shower doors are mainly bulky in weight and size because of the heavy metal frame and edges, which make your bathroom more fuzzy-wuzzy. In contrast, frameless doors can easily tide up the area and fit firmly in either broad or narrow spaces.

Cleaning the shower doors is another hard job to do. In this case, frameless doors make it smoother and more comfortable. By doing just a simple squeegee and wipe, it can be cleaned and become new back again.

Different Types of Frameless Shower Doors

Dual-sliding Frameless Shower Doors

Dual-sliding Frameless Shower Doors

This type of shower door will allow you to move both glass doors, which will be based on your motion. They are the best for the larger bathroom spaces and smooth sliding operation. They are designed mainly with wheel assemblies that ensure the integrity of the fundamental structure. They come with various designs that provide a sophisticated look to your bathing space.

Single-sliding Frameless Shower Doors

Single-sliding Frameless Shower Doors

If you are looking for simple yet stable frameless shower doors, then we will suggest you use single-sliding doors. They come with the most straightforward features of moving the door with one natural function. You will find it more user-friendly than the other frameless doors.

They are designed with one glass stationary panel and one sliding door along with a stainless-steel aluminum assembly wheel to support the functional glide. They come with the reversible option for the smoothest installation.

Hinged Frameless Shower Doors

Hinged Frameless Shower Doors

Most of the apartments are not engineered with larger bathrooms. In this case, you need to balance with shower doors to fit them in tight and narrow spaces. Then hinged doors are the best fit for confined space. They don’t require much space and provides an elegant look in any limited bathing area.

Moreover, they don’t require any additional stationery accessories as they have already placed with tempered glass. They are mainly designed with a stainless-steel pull handle, which is shock resistance itself.  It will also reduce the risk of breaking by constant moving.

Buying Guide for Frameless Shower Doors

In this post-modern era, you need not compromise with the quality of the frameless shower doors, especially when it is about experiencing a comfortable sower. While many people can cooperate with cramped bath space, some who care about having a good bath before they start their day. Here are some of the guidelines before buying your frameless shower door.

Glass panel

Glass panel

One of the most crucial elements for any shower door is its glass panel. You need to look for those glasses which have tempered certificate given by the ANSI (American National Standard Institution). Tempered glasses ensure the durability of the whole door. You also should look for the thickness of the panels. Thickness varies from brand to brand. According to the expert architectures, 6mm to 8mm is the ideal thickness for glass panels.

Glass Coating

Glass Coating

The coating is another vital issue to look for. It mainly ensures the quality of the glass. Moreover, it works against harsh water splashes and any unwanted scratch. As different brands have their exclusive technology to coat their glass doors, their quality entirely depends on them. So, if you want a frameless glass door that doesn’t get damaged by water drops, then go for those brands that provide the best coating on their glasses.

Additional Material

Additional Material

In most cases, high-quality frameless doors come with aluminum or stainless-steel hardware, which are rust-proof. As shower doors have to deal with too much water for the whole day, it is necessary to use the best metal hardware. Furthermore, you also need to go for the seal strips, which are full in length. Otherwise, you will not get the additional security for your shower doors.

Reversible Installation

Reversible installation is mainly the versatilities of the shower doors. It means how much accurately you can install and customize the shower door in any space. You need to look for retro-fitted shower doors, which will allow you to choose your convenient opening side.


Last but not least, the finishing of the overall shower door ‘is another essential issue that refers to the level of durability of the entire door. The brushed stainless steel, chrome polished panels, and bronze finish by rubbing oil are the main facts to check the quality of finishing.


To conclude, you should never consider any unfit and bulky shower doors for the sake of the intense look of your bathroom. It will make your bathing space more uncomfortable and make you feel clumsy while taking a bath.

So, we care for the best and smooth experience in bathing. While plenty of shower doors claim to be the best, we come up with the idea of applying frameless shower doors in your bathroom.

We hope the guideline mentioned above that we have provided in this article would help you out in making the right decisions of purchasing.

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