How To Clean Fiberglass Tub With Textured Bottom (7 Steps)

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  • Date: 09/20/2021
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Let’s face it. “How to clean fiberglass tub with the textured bottom?” is a common question nowadays. Don’t worry! I inevitably know the reason behind landing this page. It seems you want to do this yourself. 

As a professional plumber, I know that it’s important to clean fiberglass tubs in order to keep your bathroom clean. In this article, I’m going to write down how you can clean a fiberglass tub with textured bottom. Make sure you have read this whole article at least once.  

7 Steps For Cleaning Fiberglass Tub With Textured Bottom:

If you could maintain clean up of your Bathtub daily, that will be better and save you for months and weeks. We know that it’s tough to maintain cleanup after each shower. But you have to keep an observation with care for your lovely tub. 

For cleaning the Fiberglass Tub with Textured Bottom, you can follow one of these 7 handy tips.

use electric scrubber

Step 1: Electric Scrubber:

You know very well that scrubbing is the best way to clean a surface. But washing textured surfaces is not so easy. In this case, if you use an electric scrubber, you can get a fantastic result. You can add a ready-made liquid bathtub cleaner, or you can use an organic bathtub cleaner too.

Step 2: Liquid Tub Cleaner:

When you are fighting with average dirt to shine in your bathtub, you need to use a Liquid Tub cleanser to get an excellent result. If you use an Electric scrubber to clean the tub, this type of liquid cleaner will give you a better result.

Step 3: Homemade Solution:

You can get effective results with ready-made cleaners, but you can make some of those on your own. You can use baking soda and dishwashing soap for this purpose. You need to shower the tub first with water, and then you can use dishwashing soap. 

And after that, scatter some baking soda. Because baking soda will give you extra power to scrub the textured bottom, after cleansing, keep the solution idle for some time and then rinse with hot water. That’s it. Your shiny tub is ready to welcome you.

Baking Soda

Step 4: Use Baking Soda:

For cleaning the textured bottom tub, you can use a simple handmade paste of baking soda and water. You need to mix the soda and water in a dish to create a fine paste. Then you can use it for scrubbing with a mild sponge. After that, proceed with a gentle wash with hot water. That’s it. Let your tub dry to get ready.

Step 5: Use Vinegar and Dish Soap:

To fight the yellow stain or water stain, you should use vinegar & Dishwashing soap. Leave the vinegar for 10 minutes to break down the colors, and soap will scum at the bottom of the tub.

Wash off the tub using a scrubber to get a better result.

Step 6: Keep Textured Bathtub Dry:

To keep your bathtub neat and clean, you need to ensure it remains dry always. If the tub is left wet after using it, it will get water stains, get muddy, and accumulate soap dirt over time. 

Step 7: Fix The Leaking Tap:

For the betterment of your bathtub, you should never avoid the leaking tap. Not only will it waste a massive amount of water, but it also will let water stains grow on your tub. So, always keep a keen eye on a leaking tap to fix it immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of Employing a Fiberglass Bathtub?

Fiberglass bathtubs are very durable because they are very lightweight and convenient to use. And most of the cases last more than ten years.

Acrylic Glasses are neither rigid nor temperature-sensitive. The benefits of these fiberglasses are positively just the opposite of acrylic glasses. Fiberglasses are more rigid and less temperature-sensitive. Though it is an innovation of plastic and glasses, it has a more excellent functioning capability.

What Are The Advantages Of Fiberglass Over the Other Material?

Fiberglass is more rigid and stable than other materials. The fiberglass tub is resistant to chemicals. Here you can see the advantages of using fiberglass over the other materials.

  • Fiberglasses are Rigid and robust than other materials,
  • Some are not exposed to chemical effects, but others are not as good as these.
  • These are not conductors to electricity, but most others are
  • They are not inflammable and don’t release smoke in a touch of heat or warmth.
  •  They don’t get occupied by gnawers and insects quickly.
  •  They are robust to some proportions.
  • They are available at a very Reasonable Price.

What Are The Precautions While Using Fiberglass Bathtubs?

When you are using a fiberglass bathtub, you have to keep an eye on some precautions. Below you can see some precautions with bullet points.

  • Abrasive solutions have a habit of smashing fiberglass surfaces, so it’s better to avoid them.
  • It would be best if you avoid hard sponges while washing as they can damage the surface.
  • You can quickly get Electric toothbrushes or oscillating brushes so that you can make your cleaning work more comfortable.
  •  Avoid using bleach as this is very harmful to fiberglass tubs.
  •  Choose an anti-fungal solution to clean the fiberglass tub so that you can get rid of the fungus.
  • Try to avoid artificial sprays which contain a high amount of alcohol. Use natural fresheners like lemon and orange peels instead.
  • To fight the yellow stain, you should use vinegar & sodium-bicarbonate in the ratio of 1:2.

How Can I Take Care Of My Tub Of Fiberglass?

After each bath, you need to clean the tub and make sure it remains dry. You can prolong its durability by waxing or polishing the fiberglass.

How Do I Avoid The Yellow Stain On The Floor Of My Bathtub?

By keeping the tub clean and dry, you can avoid the stain on the floor of your tub easily. Clean this yellow stain by using Vinegar and Soda. If you wish, you can also use a ready-made tub cleaner solution.

Can I Clean My Fiberglass Tub Using A Stiff Brush?

Avoid using any stiff brush while cleaning the bathtub because a stiff brush can damage the tub. So you should use an Electric scrubber in this case or any other soft sponge for scrubbing.

Can The Fiberglass Get Damaged By A Strong Cleaner?

Yeah. It’s possible. On other surfaces, abrasive cleaners may be useful, but on fiberglass, they are not safe. In this case, use an Electric scrubber or a soft sponge for scrubbing.

How Do You Clean A Textured Fiberglass Shower Floor?

A textured fiberglass shower floor needs to clean with special care. You can use readymade or homemade liquid cleaner for cleaning. While you are scrubbing it, try to avoid a hard sponge or scrubber. Better if you use an electric scrubber.

How Do You Clean The Bottom Of A Fiberglass Shower?

When you are cleaning the fiberglass shower’s bottom, you can use a liquid cleaner for it. And while scrubbing, try to use an electric scrubber or soft sponge to scrub because a hard sponge may damage your lovely bathtub of fiberglass.

How Much Weight Can A Fiberglass Bathtub Hold?

Usually, a fiberglass bathtub holds 70 pounds, where an iron bathtub is up to 500 pounds.

How Long Do Fiberglass Tubs Last?

A fiberglass tub will typically last 10 to 15 years. The soft finish is also easily scratched and cracked, and the color may fade over time.

How Do I Get My Fiberglass Tub White Again?

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide to make white your fiberglass tub again. Make a solution with the same amount of water and Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply the solution to the stained portion and let it dry for some time. Then wash with fresh water. That’s it. Now your white tub is ready for you.

Will Magic Eraser damage A Fiberglass Tub?

Some people believe that using a magic eraser to clean your fiberglass shower is the only way to go. Stick to natural cleaning solutions and regular sponges instead, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ending Speech:

Many thanks for being with us till the end with your kind patience. I hope you’ve clearly understoodhow to clean fiberglass tub with textured bottom” after reading the above discussion. I will be more pleased if you share your thoughts in the comment box. Thanks once again.

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