How to Install Raised Toilet Seat: Easy and Convenient Ways

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 08/23/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Before knowing the technical way of installing a raised toilet seat, it is rather necessary to know the reason first! Indeed, a raised toilet seat is handy and convenient for those types of people who are suffering from arthritis, spinal issues, back pain, someone who is older, and for those who got an accident recently. That is a much helpful tool and plays a significant role as well.

So, if you are kind of those people who are suffering from these types of issues, then a raised toilet seat is a big help. Perhaps, many people use that tool only to enhancetheir comfort. Because you can easily stand up from a seated position by installing the tool.

Basically, there are two types of toilet seat out there, the universal seat and the elongated toilet seat. Moreover, we have got three types of the raised toilet seat.

We are going to show you the step by step guide of how to install raised toilet seat. And no mistake, these will be easy and comfortable for an older at the same time. 


How to Install Raised Toilet Seat

Get to the steps below and give it a thorough read. We’ll make sure you can install the raised toilet seat easily.

Step-1: Measure the Height of the Toilet Seat

Measure the Height of the Toilet Seat

It is necessary yet most important to measure the toilet height that you are using. Or else, your raised toilet seat will not be going to fit with the seat correctly. Usually, regular or universal toilets are mostly 16.5 inches tall as well as 14.25 inches wide (which is measured from the outside borders), whereas elongated toilets are 18.5 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

As you can see, height is a big deal in that case! If you don’t know or remember the usual height of the toilet that you are using, then measure it properly to confirm. For measuring, you can use a measuring tape or either something else.

​​Step-2: Lift the Lid and Seat to Make room

After measuring the accurate height of the toilet, you have to lift the lid and seat into an upright position. Then, take a measurement of the raised toilet seat to confirm that it is ideal and perfect with the main toilet. An average room is required for that.

Step-3: Clean the entire space

Most of the people forget about the matter, yet it is relatively important before installing. Always make sure to clean the surface by adding some liquid cleaner in a bit of warm water. So, there will be no chance of rusting at all!


Step-4: Adjust the raised toilet seat with a knob

Adjustment knob should be at the front end of the main toilet bowl. To loosen the bracket, you have to turn the knob counterclockwise on the new seat. Fix the position with the toilet seat.

Then, you have to turn again until the small ring is ready to match with the core seat. Remember, you have to take the slow and steady method. Or else, the knob can be broke!

Note: As a precaution, you have to check out the adjustment knob for at least once in a week.

Step-5: The raised toilet seat should be in the middle

Yes, it should be in the center point. You have to push it from the back as far as possible. You have to try to ensure that it is in the middle of the bowl rim.

Step-6: Make it for final adjustment

Until you feel the resistance, you have to tighten the knob continually. Use your hand for tightening, no need to use a wrench or this kind of tool. If you feel that it is tight, then stop rotating. As you can see, the raised toilet seat is ready for use!

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That was a brief yet informative review about how to install raised toilet seat. Nowadays, there are a couple of ways of installing a raised toilet seat out there. But, we mentioned the easiest, quick, and efficient way. So, it will be a piece of cake if you apply the way that we mentioned in the review.

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