How to Install Suction Cup Shower Caddy? (Solved!)

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 09/13/2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Most homeowners find it extremely hard to install appropriately the shower caddies that use suction cups in their bathrooms. After installation, some of the suctions cups may end up crashing and falling, causing many disturbances. However, installing these appliances is very easy as they don’t require any drilling activity on the shower walls.

Installing suction cup shower caddies is a simple process; you won’t have many complex procedures. You have to clean the installing location well, rinse, and let it dry up. Then use a small amount of petroleum jelly on the suction cups before pressing them on the shower walls. After which, you let it dry before hanging any items on it.

There are certain steps you’ll need to understand before successfully installing the appliance. It’s good to follow the steps carefully from locating the suitable place for your suctions cups. After which, you’ll need to clean the location, apply glue or some petroleum jelly and stick the cups.

This article guides you on the whole process of how to install a suction cup shower caddy, including the materials you need. For a successful installation process and effective functioning, it’s good to understand and follow the steps strictly while installing.

Things You Require During the Installation Process

There are certain things you need to have before you start the process of installing the suction cups. Below are the materials and equipment you must have before you begin the process of installing a suction cup shower caddy:

  • Paper towel
  • Petroleum jelly or glue
  • All-purpose or shower cleaner

Process of Installing Suction Cup Shower Caddy

It’s essential to follow the step-by-step processes strictly on the installation of the suction cups. Below is the appropriate procedure on how to install a suction cup shower caddy:

Step 1. Prepare the suction cups and locate the position for installing them

Before installing the suction cups, it’ll be necessary to locate the best place in the shower where you’ll install the cups. When choosing the location, consider the opening and closing of the bathroom door. Choose a location where members in the homestead can easily access the toiletries, and it shouldn’t be interfering with the door activities. Then remove all the plastic sheets on these suction cups before you start installing them.

Step 2. Clean the shower wall

After identifying the suitable location for installing the suction cups, use an all-purpose or shower cleaner to clean the shower’s walls. The cleaning ensures that the surface of the wall gets finer and smoother. The reason it should be smoother is that the suction cups will only stick in a smooth area. When you stick them on a rough surface, they may fall after some time.

The suction cups won’t stick in locations or sites with soap, dirt, or grime traces. Therefore, it’ll be necessary that after washing, you rinse and dry the locations using a clean towel. The rinsing and drying ensure that you get a clean, dry, and smooth installation site.

Step 3. Remove all the oil and soap scum from the shower walls

It’s good to remove all the oil and any traces of soap scum remaining on the shower walls. The appropriate way of removing these components from the walls will be to use rubbing alcohol on the surfaces. Using a sponge, apply small amounts of rubbing alcohol.

Apply the rubbing alcohol gently on the inconspicuous side of the shower. This mode of application will help to prevent the tile on the walls from fading. After applying the rubbing alcohol on the wall, allow it to dry before proceeding with the following procedure. You can also dry the surface with a paper towel.

Step 4. Apply some petroleum jelly or glue

After the rubbing alcohol on the particular surface dries, the installation location will now be ready. It’s also good to clean the rubber part of the cups; this ensures the effective working of the petroleum jelly. Then apply a considerable amount of petroleum jelly to each suction cup.

The best place to apply the jelly is the suction cup’s inner edge and the outer rims of the cup. The application of the jelly will form a seal on the suction cups. The seal will help prevent air from outside from getting underneath the cups; most experts refer to the seal as airtight seals.

Step 5. Press the suction cups on the wall

After preparing the wall and the cup, you’ll now be ready to install the suction cup shower caddies on the wall. Pick the first suctions cup, then press it on the shower wall where you had prepared. Check to ensure that the cup is secure; it should be in a good position and firm with no signs of falling.

If the installation of the first suction cup is successful, you should continue with the installation of the other cups in the same manner. While pressing them on the wall ensures there are no cracks or any uneven surface on the wall. These factors are the main hindrance to the successful installation. To improve on the installation results, ensure you press the suction cups against a solid surface.

Tips for successful installations

  • Press the suction cup firmly or tightly on the wall to keep off any air seal, as the air seal may make it lose.
  • When applying the rubbing oil, apply gently and in small amounts in the inconspicuous area of the wall. The application helps to prevent the titles on the walls from fading.
  • Avoid unbalanced, rough, and locations that have cracks when you’re installing the suctions cups.


Suction cup shower caddies are essential for attaching shower dispensers and other toiletries in the bathroom. To properly attach and use, you must understand how to install a suction cup shower caddy on the bathroom walls before installing it.

With proper installation, you’ll get a firm suction cup that’ll serve you well in your bathroom. To obtain the best result, choose the right suction cup and strictly follow the installation procedures. After installing the suction cups, it’s good to wait for approximately 10 minutes before hanging any item on them.

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