Can You Put Paper Towels in the Oven? [7 Best Kitchen Tips 2022]

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  • Date: 02/10/2022
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7 Things You Need to Know About Putting Paper Towels in Kitchen Appliances, Microwave Versus Oven


The microwave is a staple in kitchens all over the United States and abroad. Just like most households are familiar with the use of an oven, a stove, and a range, the microwave is in many kitchens, too. You may also see different sizes, shapes, brands, and models in everyone’s houses. More importantly, many people want to know a wide variety of things about the microwave, including getting answers to questions like can you put a kitchen towel in the microwave or can you put a kitchen towel in the oven.

Whatever the situation or the case may be, you can learn a lot of information about today’s microwaves, ovens, and how they function. This is especially true for anyone who uses their microwave frequently to prepare different types of meals and dishes. For instance, since the microwave is so convenient to use, families all over the globe use them to do the following:

Warm-up meals for everyone in the household regularly, especially when these dishes have been prepared in advance.

Cooks certain dishes inside of the microwave, particularly those that have been designed for preparing a meal at specific temperatures.

Microwaves cut down on preparation time dramatically. For instance, you and your family can warm up entire meals within seconds to a couple of minutes. In situations, the foods taste better when the family can put a kitchen towel in the microwave to control the distribution of the heat.

Now that you know a little more about the average microwave and its overall functionality, you may want to also know how to choose the best safety practices. For instance, one question that some people need to know is how to properly use their paper towels inside of the microwave.

That said, let’s get started by looking at the various safe practices and recommendations that will prevent accidents like a kitchen fire.


1. Can you use a paper towel on the inside of your microwave?

Actually, according to various sites online, the answer to this question is yes. However, whenever you use a paper towel in your microwave, it is important to proceed with a certain amount of caution. In fact, before you try to use them, you also need to consider the water content. For instance, you need to make sure the paper towel that you are using contains the appropriate amounts of moisture. If you do not check its moisture levels (should not be completely dry) before placing them inside these appliances, the paper towels can easily burn and ignite a fire on the inside. So, it is very important that you watch what you are doing carefully.


2. Be Cautious with the Types of Paper Towels Used and its Make-up

In addition to watching the moisture level in a paper towel, you need to also pay close attention to the types of material used in the make-up of paper towels that you purchase. Though most paper towels may be safe to use regularly, others can be quite dangerous to place inside of your microwave.

This is because some paper towels are made out of recyclable materials. In these cases, you need to know more about the type and brand of towels that you purchase. For instance, you should make sure that you know exactly what the content of your paper towels contains. You can do this by reading the guidelines on the packaging for specific instructions to the consumer. When you read this information, you will know how to proceed before you can put a kitchen towel in the microwave.


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3. Common Reasons Why Kitchen Paper Towels Catch on Fire Inside of Your Microwave

As previously mentioned, paper towels can catch on fire inside your microwave. However, you should also know that there are certain conditions that can cause fires, too. Yet, some people may not even consider all of the risks involved, especially when addressing questions like can you put a paper towel in the oven?

With this said, here are some things that may cause a fire inside your microwave.

Pure white towels with bleach. Pure white towels with bleach content can spark a fire inside of your microwave if it is left for long periods of time. Therefore, you need to learn as much as you can about safe practices, as it relates to how long a pure white paper towel with bleach can be left in your microwave without combustion.

Folded paper towels. You may or may not know the risks that you take when you fold a paper towel and place it inside your microwave. Just imagine, for some of you, these unsafe practices may not enter your mind. Instead, you just do it without thinking.

For this reason, the more that you know today about placing folded paper towels the better. For instance, according to science, whenever a paper towel is laid flat in the microwave, the heat that is generated can escape. On the flip side, when the paper towels are folded and then placed inside of your microwave, the heat that is generated accumulate. So, the longer that the folded paper towels are left inside of the microwave, the higher the risks of its igniting and catching on fire.

4. Are Different Brands of Paper Towels Safer than Others on the Market today?

When you are in your local grocery stores, you’ll most likely see a wide variety of different brands of paper towels on the shelves. In fact, based on your personal preferences, you can pick and choose the brand and types that you like best. In some cases, the brands that cost the least tend to be the preferred choice.

However, if you are not restricted by the high cost of these paper towels, you may choose the brand that is the most renowned for being the most absorbent. For instance, if you like bounty’s brand, you may pay more for this added convenience or the extraordinary marketed benefits. While the choice that you make is up to you, there is at least one more criteria that you should use to decide which brands are better suited for you and your needs.

In specific, you need to know how a bounty’s band performs in this set of circumstances. You need to know if they are safe for use in your microwave and can you put a paper towel in the oven. Today, based on the information posted online and on the packaging of bounty, here are a few things that everyone should be aware of.

For the most part, Bounty’s brand of paper towels is microwave friendly. So, you can use them in your microwave. A word of caution, however, you need to know that it is still a paper product that is subject to igniting heat if left in your microwave for an extended period of time.

In the paper towel industry, the bounty is also a well-known name for a number of other reasons, including the materials that these paper towels are made of. For instance, did you know that bounty’s paper towels are not made with water but virgin wood pulp? These are some of the properties that cause bounty’s paper towels to be super absorbent.

Also, bounty paper towels are great choices for cleaning up all kinds of spills and messy spots in your kitchen. These properties are designed for a number of purposes, which is in addition to using their paper towels in the microwave.

Thus, some people and manufacturers may highly recommend these paper towels for use in the microwave, but only for a short period of time. By following these safety practices and instructions, you and your family can avoid igniting fires of any type and other associated mishaps.


5. Why Would Anyone Want to Use Paper Towels in their Microwave?

As we discuss this topic, the question is, why would anyone want to use a paper towel in their microwave, especially when the microwave is shut and then turned on. Though it is common to see people use a paper towel inside of the microwave for clean-up, it is not always clear why someone would use a paper towel for any other thing.

The simple truth is, the paper towel is also great for preventing spills and splats from exploding

on everything inside. So, it is a preventive measure for many people who are aware of this trick. For instance, if you want to keep your microwave clean most or all of the time, it is best to cover up your dishes with a paper towel before turning the microwave on.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure your dish is warmed up evenly, you can use a paper towel to assist with steaming it. For instance, when you place a paper towel over your frozen vegetables in the microwave, you can cover up your dish to keep it evenly steamed.

6. Tips to Use for Microwave Paper Towel Safe Practices

Because paper towels can be an accident that’s waiting to happen, you and your family need to always use safe practices when using your microwave. This is especially true when you are placing paper towels inside. Thus, keeping these things in mind, here are some safety tips that you can use today.

Only use unfolded paper towels in your microwave to minimize the risks of generating too much heat.

Be proactive by reading the labeling first. Paper towel manufacturers provide specific recommendations and instructions about their products on the packaging, including the makeup of their paper towels materials.

Avoid buying paper towels that have been made of recyclable materials. In many cases, these materials can easily ignite a fire inside of the microwave without warning.

Only use a paper towel for a flat covering on the bottom of the top of your food. Again, do not fold your paper towels before placing your meals inside your microwave.


7. Can You Put a Kitchen Towel in Your Oven?

Let’s face it, everyone needs to use safe practices in the kitchen at all times. However, keeping the kitchen safe from fire hazards may not be as simple as many of you may think. For instance, if you ask the question, can you put a kitchen towel in your oven, you may receive a variety of different responses. These responses may be based on a number of factors, including your personal experience or information that you have read online.

In either event, you will always need the correct answers in order to take the proper measures. Though the answer to this question is often straightforward, some people may need to know why this is true. For instance, paper towels will automatically burn and generate a fire inside your oven. especially when it reaches a specific temperature. Therefore, no one should ever place a paper towel or a kitchen inside of their oven and then turn it on to bake or broil.


If you want your family to remain safe inside of your home today, you need to learn as much as you can about fire safety prevention. The information that you learn must cover a wide range of essential topics, including topics like can you put a paper towel in the oven or can you put kitchen towel in the microwave.

Though for some people, these topics may not appear to be significant or important to most families, this is in no wise the case. Instead, there are many different guidelines and safe practices that are needed to keep the entire safe and out of harm’s way. In fact, anywho knows how to operate a microwave and oven should know this information very well. From understanding what brands of paper towels are the most suitable for the microwave to learning what actions to avoid (i.e. folding a paper towel and covering up your dishes before you place them in the microwave, everyone in your home needs to know exactly how to use your microwave and oven appliances properly.

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