How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture with No Screws

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/23/2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

A vanity light fixture around the bathroom mirror is a love. It helps us see the flaws on the face with details and correct them with little twitches and tweaks. However, things can get scary when the fixture gets damaged, or the bulb blows away unexpectedly.

You might follow the user-manual to know how to remove bathroom light fixture with no screws. But we all know the fact that user-manuals have become kids’ scrapbooks. Thus, we decided to invest some time to describe the easiest ways to remove the light fixture in the bathroom without any screws.

How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture with No Screws?

When the light fixture comes with screws, even kids can remove it. But what if the light fixture doesn’t have screws? How to dismantle it?

Well, you can follow our step-by-step bathroom light fixture removal instructions.  First off, you have to know the types of light fixtures available for the bathroom. These fixture types are:

  • Notch or Groove Mechanism
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism
  • Slotted Connectors
  • Flush Mount

Now, let’s see how to remove the fixture in these various mechanisms.

Notch Mechanism

It uses a notch or groove with the dome to secure the base. It is recommended that you take the help of another person to remove the fixture with a notch mechanism.

  1. One person needs to push the base towards the ceiling to apply pressure on it.
  2. The second person has to detach the dome from the base by twisting it.
  3. You can now dismantle the light fixture easily as its dome is detached from the base.

Sometimes, you might fail to detach the fixture with the 1st attempt. It happens because the dome hasn’t been dismantled correctly. Hence, put pressure on the dome and twist it to loosen it from the base. Then, remove the fixture.

Spring-Loaded Mechanism

It comes with a tight spring to secure the base and dome accurately. It has a different step to remove the fixture. Also, you will need a flathead screwdriver.

  1. Find a gap between the ceiling and the light fixture base. Then, insert the flathead screwdriver inside the opening slowly. You shouldn’t hurry, or it runs the risk of damaging the fixture base and ceilings.
  2. You have to create a gap between the fixture base and the ceiling using the screwdriver. Alternatively, you can use a simple utility knife for it. The hole should be sufficient to allow you to insert a finger effortlessly inside it.
  3. Now, carefully drive your fingers through the gap and hold the spring accurately. Then, move your fingers to pull the light fixture from the connected spring.

When you have mounted the bulb in the fixture, you can push it into the spring with little movement. If the spring works with a pressure-loaded mechanism, apply gentle pressure on the spring to dismantle the light fixture.

Slotted Connectors

Slotted connectors come with a raised bump. The raised bump connects the light fixture dome with the base.

  1. You have to detach the dome line from the raised bump. You can do it at ease by twisting the dome.
  2. Once the dome alignment is adequately moved, you should pull down the dome safely. The light fixture will comfortably come out of the dome in your hands.

When you have to put the fixture back to the dome, start by locating the raised bump accurately.  Then align the crown with the fixture. Twist the light fixture dome accurately and slowly against the base. You need to continue the twisting until the slotted connector falls into its proper place. Once you feel the connector and the base is fixed securely, you can allow the fixture to rest.

Flush Mount Type Light Fixture

As the title suggests, this light fixture base is mounted flush with the wall or ceiling. You will need a screwdriver to remove the light fixture with a flush mount mechanism. It doesn’t need any help from another person.

  1. At first, find the finial on the fixture dome. If you are unsure about what is a final, take this note. The finial is a decorative bit. It is fixed in the dome’s middle portion.
  2. You have to loosen the finial from the fixture dome. For this, twist in the anticlockwise direction. Hold the dome with one hand.
  3. The dome will start loosening from the base when you twist the finial.
  4. You must dismantle the finial completely from the dome.

You see that dismantling the light fixture from the finial is like walking in the park. It is straightforward and quick.


When it comes to how to remove bathroom light fixture with no screws, you will have to apply different techniques for different mechanisms. Since the light fixture is attached with the dome and spout through four mechanisms, we described all four methods.

So, which mechanism you have in your bathroom vanity light fixture? Find it, and then use the right method to remove the fixture correctly.

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