How to Remove A Shower Arm That Is Stuck- (Step by Step Guides)

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/23/2021
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If you have the right accessories and guidelines,removing shower head arm is straightforward. However, things can get a little tricky when the shower arm is stuck or broken for some reason.

Knowing how to remove a shower arm that is stuck will help you in this cause. You could follow our instructions on removing the stuck shower head to make it a little easier.

How to Remove A Shower Arm That Is Stuck

The shower arm in our bathroom is connected directly with the walls. It makes the removal of the shower arm complicated. But, the following steps will make it comfortable and easy.

Step 1: Prepare for The Removal Job

First off, you have to gather all the accessories to remove the stuck shower head arm. You will need-

  • A plumbing tape
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Vice grip
  • Vinegar or lemon juice

The reason for a stuck shower arm is often the rust build-up inside and underneath it. The lemon juice is used to destroy such rust build-up to remove and replace the shower arm. Alternatively, you can use any commercial rust remover for it.

Step 2: Stop the Water Source

Stop Water Source

You have to ensure that the water source is turned off in the bathroom. It is essential because the shower arm is connected with the waterline. So, water will fall directly in you if the water source is running when you remove it.

The shut-off valve for the primary water source should be in your basement. So, you have to turn it off properly. These days, some bathroom comes with the shut-off faucet inside the bathroom. In such cases, you don’t have to go to the basement. Simple access the valve and switch it off accurately.

Step 3:  Twist the Shower Arm

Now, turn off the shower and let the water in the pipe drain out through the faucet. Then, reach the shower arm with your hands. If it feels in heightened space, you should use a sturdy chair or box to reach it.

Try to twist it and see if it is indeed stuck. Twist the shower arm on the left side. Even if it is stuck, the twisting will help in loosening it slightly. It enables the adjustable wrench to get a grip on it. Also, use a towel to hold and twist the shower arm not to get cuts or injuries.

Step 4: Use the Vice Grip

In most cases, twisting as part of how to remove the shower arm won’t work with bare hands only. That’s why you should use the vice grip. Take a piece of old cloth and use it to wrap the showerhead. Then, grip the entire set up with the vice grip to twist and move it.

However, make sure you don’t push the vice grip to its limits. Otherwise, it evidently runs the risk of damaging the shower arm and adjacent wall.

Step 5: Use the Lemon Juice Solution

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is great in removing rust build-ups on steel and irons. You will also need hot water to remove the build-ups correctly. Take a bowl and mix half a cup of lemon juice with one full cup of hot water in it.

Now pour the lemon juice solution in and around the showerhead arm. Ensure that you have accurately covered every inch of the shower arm setup. Now, wait for a few minutes to allow the lemon juice to sit on the build-ups. The hot water will already weaken the rusts. Finally, the citric acid of lemon will show its magic.

Step 6: Cleaning the Build-Ups

Once the lemon juice has weakened the build-ups, you will have to deal with them. Use an old rag or cloth to wipe out the weakened build-ups and lemon juice too. At this point, the lemon juice should have dissolved the entire rust formation to ease out the shower arm removal process.

Now, try to twist the arm with the vice grip once again. Check carefully if it turns or not.

Step 7: Use the Adjustable Wrench

Using the adjustable wrench is your only solution when the vice grip fails, even after lemon juice has dissolved the rust formation. The adjustable wrench is by far the most effective and dependable tool to twist anything that is stuck.

Grab the shower arm with the adjustable wrench and gradually twist it until it comes off from the bathroom wall. Wrap the shower arm with a piece of cloth before turning. It will help to retain the shine that the wrench could damage.

Once removed, check the actual reason for the shower arm stuck and try to fix it. If the shower arm is broken and can’t be repaired, replace it.


Although the steps to removing a shower arm that is stuck aren’t challenging, it is time-consuming for sure. Also, you have to use multiple methods and tools for it. Thus, you must ensure that you have all mentioned items ready at your hand inside the bathroom when you begin the shower arm removal process.

The last thing you won’t want is to rush out of the bathroom and get the tolls one after one when needed the most.

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