How to Replace Bathroom Tiles That Have Fallen Off

Sometimes your bathroom tiles may fall off or loosen. It happens for several reasons, from poor craftsmanship to entering water underneath the tiles. Whatever may be the reason, you must replace the fallen tile or fix the loose tiles (assuming that it’s not broken).

Ignoring the small DIY projects in time may cause you an expensive repairing work later. So, it is crucial to know how to replace bathroom tiles that have fallen off. We are today up to it. We will also give a brief tutorial on how to fix loose bathroom tiles.

So, let’s begin.

Replacing the Fallen Tile in Bathroom

Replacing the Fallen Tile

If you see a tile of your bathroom falling off, immediately replace it before the water enters into other tiles through the foot hole of the fallen tiles.

Step 1

If the file has totally fallen off, it’s easy to start the replacement work. However, if you see that the tile hasn’t fallen of fully, you need to destroy it at first. It’s pretty easy, in any case. Just take a hammer and gently tap it on the tile until it breaks down into pieces.

Now, use a putty knife to Collect all the pieces safely. Clean the area after removing the fallen tiles. All through the process, make sure your fingers are safe, and you haven’t accidentally cracked the nearby files.

Step 2

To make sure that the newly replaced tile fits in perfectly in the wall or floor, you need to clean the area. The underneath wall part of the slab is always filled up with adhesive and grout. It would help if you took off these adhesive and grout before setting the new tile on the place.

You can use a putty knife to remove the elements and then soak the area with water to clean it.

Step 3

Now make a mixture of tiles specialized adhesive and apply it to the place of the fallen off tiles. You must ensure that you have used the adhesive throughout the area.

Step 4

Now, take the new tile and press it over the adhesive until it gets attached to the glue firmly. At this point, you must level up the tile with the other tiles of the bathroom. Otherwise, you may end up with a ridge.

Lastly, use a cloth to remove any adhesive displaying over the newly replaced tile.

Step 5

It’s waiting time, mate. You need to wait for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive set on the wall and make a bond with the tile. You must keep water away from the tile during these 24 hours.

Step 6

Now, apply grout on each side of the tile, basically in between the place of two tiles. The grout fills up the vogue area. Then wait for a few hours, ideally 24 hours more.

Step 7

Now remove any excess grout and clean the tile to give it a neat finish.

That’s all you have to do to replace a fallen off tile in the bathroom.

How To Fix Bathroom Tile That Is Loose

If you notice any tiles getting loose, you must remove it immediately. However, if the tile isn’t broken and you find it reusable, you can fix it quickly. This will save you money.

Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward.


Use a putty knife or the thinner part of the hammer-head to cut down the grout around the loose tile.


After that, use a chisel carefully to remove the tile. You must make sure you don’t apply excessive pressure to damage the flooring itself.


Now scrap all the old adhesive from the tile and the wall also. Also, clean any other debris, if you find any.


At this point, apply a robust new adhesive in the bottom of the tile and on the tile.


Then, slowly press down the tile over the wall. Make sure that it is at the same level, likewise the other tiles. It prevents the ridge.


Let the adhesive dry out. It may take around 24 hours. After the adhesive sets in, apply grout on each side of the newly fixed tile.


Lastly, remove any excess grout from the tile surrounding and clean it for a neat finish.


Over recent years, tiles have become a popular choice for flooring or walling in the bathroom. Unfortunately, tiles get damaged or loosen up due to several reasons.

Following the two processes mentioned above, you can either replace a fallen tile or fix the loose one. Neither of the methods is tough, and so, you should find them pretty easy DIY projects.

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