Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder: Things You Never Knew

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/24/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Want to be a bit freaking funny and still maintain a pleasant bathroom décor? Then, believe me, nothing will work better than the skeleton toilet paper holder for tissue. Guests either will appreciate your choice or feel fearful and intimated.

But irrespective of the guests’ feeling, these skeleton toilet paper holder works exceedingly to give your toilets a fresh look.

So, let’s dive extensively deep into the world of these beautiful yet weird toilet paper worlds.

Advantages of Using Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

At this point, you might ardently already be thinking that what’s the use of such weird-looking toilet paper in the bathroom?

Yes, we admit that your thought process has some legitimacy. But when you read the following part, you will be glad to know the ultimate benefit even these skeleton holders for toilet paper can come with ardently.


Sometimes it is quite possible that you might get bored with the old and traditional look of the bathroom. It is natural since every human mind wants to change and freshness now and then. The stylistic skeleton toilet paper holders will surely add a distinctive flair to the bathroom décor.


While most toilet paper holders come in a concealed design, skeleton-shaped ones mostly have an open-end design. So, rolling the tissue or toilet paper is more comfortable with it than with the regular toilet paper holders.


Another quintessential benefit of using the skeleton holders for a toilet is that with days the holder will only get better from the ardency right. Most toilet holders such as bronze or nickel made ones get rust or corrosion that doesn’t look impressive. But the skeleton toiler tissue holders look even better with a rustic and dusty appearance.


Now carefully mark the drilling areas to tighten the toilet flange with the tile floor. You will need to create at least four drilling spaces so that the flange is placed firmly.


Toilet paper holders with a skeleton shape are mostly made of high-quality resin. Hence, they guarantee incredible endurance in the long run.


Skeleton toilet paper holders are not so expensive as many people consider. Therefore, you should get these accessories within a budget.

Disadvantages of Using Skeleton Shaped Toilet Paper Holders

The only significant disadvantage of using the skeleton-shaped tissue, or toilet paper holder brings the shock you will get 1st time you see it in the bathroom. Notably, at night if you enter the toilet and see the half-seated skeleton, things can get really scary.

So, we discourage chicken-hearted people from installing the skeleton-shaped holder in their toilet.

Three Recommendations for Skeleton Shaped Toilet Paper Holders

Now, let’s get to some business point. We are going to recommend three famous and beautiful skeleton-shaped toilet paper holders in the following section.

Things2Die4 Evil Skeleton Sculptural Toilet Tissue Holder

The 1st selection of us is the Things2Die4 Evil Skeleton tissue holder. It has been handcrafted from high-quality resin. The bone finish of the tissue holder has also been brilliantly hand-painted that looks aged but also appears eye-pleasing.

The holder has a beautiful 8” by 8” size and can comfortably accommodate one tissue holder. All in all, you will love the tissue holder.

JIANC Spooky Toilet Paper Holder

This Grim, Reaper toilet holder has a half-shaped skeleton. It has a sizeable 19.5x13x18cm diameter which will accommodate even the most extensive tissue papers without much hassle. The manufacturer has used a crushed stone with high-quality resin to handcraft the beautiful toilet holder.

Therefore, it brings a distinctive look to the toilet. You can use it to decorate your bathroom or gift it to someone who likes a bit of weirdness. The tissue holder is also inclusively affordable.

Umiwe Skeleton Skulls Decorative Toilet Paper Holder

Want to bring a Halloween look in your bathroom? Get this unique Umiwe built toilet paper holder immediately. The eco-friendly resin-based crushed stone design looks impressive. Also, it has the durability you want.

You can use it to gift friends or family members and use it in your toilet if you love some distinctive appearance.


The skeleton toilet paper holder may not at first glance look like a valid option, but once you set up it in the bathroom, it surely will have an impact. The Halloween look will always remind you of the distinctiveness the world has to offer.

You rest assure that the toilet paper holders will also serve for an extended period.

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