Proper Use of Kitchen Tools and Equipment [2022 Guide]

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If you wish to be the best cook, you should prepare to have all the necessary cuisine tools and equipment. The devices will ensure your success and minimize frustration in the kitchen. Are you ready to dive into the cuisine world and be a kitchen pro? Here is a guide to ensure your success in the kitchen with the appropriate kitchen tools, their uses, and why you need them.

What is the Importance of Kitchen Tools and Equipment?

Proper cooking tools and supplies are of utmost significance as they increase the speed of the cooking process. Having adequate cooking equipment in your kitchen will save you time and help in ensuring faster cooking and processing of food. You are hungry and need fast food; the only way you ensure you have your food ready as soon as possible is by using the correct cooking equipment. Moreover, this equipment makes food serving a better procedure and maintains a clean and hygienic environment in the kitchen. So if you want an orderly and clean kitchen, kitchen utensils are a must-have for you.

What are the Kitchen tools or equipment I must have and their uses?

The kitchen is one of the sensitive rooms in your home that needs to be equipped with the right tools. Again, this equipment has to be used rightly to avoid injuries and cooking improperly. Your kitchen may not be worth being a kitchen if it does not have the following equipment; go through them and get to know their usage.

1. Chopping board

A chopping board (cutting board) is designed to place foods that need to be cut into small pieces for easy cooking. While in the kitchen, you can use a chopping board to cut food(s) such as meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, bread, and others. A chopping board is meant to protect you from cutting your fingers and fasten the cooking process.

2. Kitchen knife

This is a very sensitive kitchen tool that is almost useful in every cooking. While preparing tea, you will need a knife to cut the packet of milk. But you have to know that kitchen knife may be composed of several types, each working for a specific task in the kitchen. For example, there is a paring knife, slicing knife, carving knife, chef knife, utility knife, finger protector knife, and many others. Each is designed according to the work it is going to attend. For example, a knife to cut meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables is always heavy and sharp. Therefore, a kitchen knife is made to cut food.

3. Measuring spoon

You may not accurately measure ingredients while cooking as sometimes you can put one element past the required ratio. For example, you may use the wrong kitchen tool to add salt to the meal and you later realize the salt taste is not enough or extra. Therefore, there is a kitchen tool for that work, a measuring spoon. These equipment are many to handle and measure different cooking ingredients such as oils, salt, sugar, tea leaves, etc.

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4. Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are essential kitchen equipment that helps mix ingredients like salad dressing, storing leftovers, sauces, marinades, and even spice rubs. You can’t succeed in cooking that needs mixing of ingredients without a mixing bowl.

5. Kitchen pan

Not everyone can perform multiple tasks in the kitchen, and in this case, there is a kitchen cooking pan. A pan helps prepare meatballs, roasted salmon, burgers, marinated vegetables, and many others.

6. Colander

A colander is a useful piece of equipment that provides the right preparation of meals. It is used to wash salad greens, draining pasta, vegetables, etc.

7. Food storage containers

Some food(s) need to be stored and cooked later or leftover meals. These meals need to be kept where they don’t get contaminated. The kitchen tools that can do that work perfectly are food storage containers as they preserve food tightly. There are several food storage containers, each designed according to the food to be stored.

8. Kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks play a very crystal role in every aspect of cooking. It is installed near the cooking point where you can access it easily. It is used for washing kitchen utensils such as plates, knives, chopping boards, cups, and other tools. You can as well wash foods such as vegetables and fruits on a sink. These kitchen tools, sinks exist in different shapes, sizes, materials as well as installation procedures.

9. Blender

You may need to prepare drinks such as juice, and if there is no right kitchen tool, you will end up preparing low-quality juice. A blender is designed for that work, blending fruits and vegetables to produce juice. You may also use a blender for making sauces, soups, dips, and smoothies.

10. Disk Rack

A disk rack helps you arrange your cooking tools while in the kitchen, such as cups, bowls, plates, knives, etc.

11. Oven Mitts

There are some foods while preparing in the kitchen that will expose your hands to intense heat. This means you may end up burned while transferring hot meals from hot ovens. For this case, Oven Mitts are there to protect your hands from such accidents. Oven Mitts wrap and cover a significant part of your hand in such a way you can insert your hand in a hot oven to take food.

12. Splatter Guards

When using some cooking tools like a pan, high heat may be unconducive for you to complete the cooking process. Therefore, you can use splatter guards and put them on the saute pan to prevent the splattering of hot oils. A splatter guard also helps to prevent food(s) from coating the soccer of power.

13. Stockpot

A stockpot is among the most crucial and integral kitchen tools useful for preparing extra meals, may it be for your guest. You can also use a stockpot to make steam, prepare fish, vegetables, hushpuppies, deep frying chicken, and boil kinds of seafood.

14. Spatula

When it comes to turning, spreading, and mixing some foods in the kitchen, a spatula works perfectly. Indeed, for almost every meal you intend to prepare, you will have to use the spatula.

15. Ladle

You will need to prepare foods that have soups, sauce, or stews. When serving, use a unique spoon, ladle. It is large and has long handles to serve such dishes with many soups.

Kitchen Cooking

Why do you need a specific cooking tool and equipment?

In every kind of job, there is a need to use the right tool for the right job, and you will be as good as your tools. When it comes to choice and use of kitchen equipment, such sayings are true. The kind of tool and equipment you use determines the quality of food you cook. Therefore it is essential to choose the right and specific quality and types of kitchen tools that align with your cuisine requirements. Choose and pick You don’t need to settle for an old utensil; shop until you get suitable equipment for your kitchen needs. Kitchen tools are excellent in maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of your kitchen. Some tools will help you slice, cook, chop and mince raw ingredients. Cooking utensils especially made for specific uses are designed to be mess-free.

Why is it essential to know the proper usage of every kitchen tool and equipment

Using the right tool in cuisine will ensure you get the right and quality taste of your meals. Moreover, the right tools will make it easier for you to measure the ingredients you need; for instance, in baking cakes, you will need to have the correct measures of flour, cornstarch, and sugar without which, the whole thing might be a mess.

Why is it important to know the different kitchen tools and equipment?

It is of great help to know the different kitchen utensils, tools, and equipment plus their uses in the cooking process more efficient and easier. You will save time, money, and effort when you know the use of every tool you have.

Reasons why you should cook with the correct tools and equipment

Cookery is an art that anybody can learn and do, but access to tips and recipes over the internet has made cooking much easier. However, you should understand that the whole cooking process needs the use of proper tools. While you can buy essential items and improvise them when the need arises, it is necessary to have every tool required for every kind of cuisine. Here are the reasons. a.Using the correct tool in cooking save times Cooking with the right tools will save a lot of time. For instance, using a pan or a pot will help your food cook faster. Faster cooking of food will ensure you have your meals on time and provide a consistent time frame for mealtime. b.Right cooking tools produce quality, tasty foods. Proper cooking utensils ensure you get the right taste of the dish you are preparing. If you’ve been keen, you are pretty aware that different dishes have different tastes and the reason is the ingredients and the equipment used. With the right tools, you will be able to produce foods with good flavors. c.It is fun to cook with the right tools. Cooking is full of fun when done with the right tools. You will enjoy the whole process because everything will be in place. d.Cooking is simple with the proper utensils. Cooking is comfy when using the right tools. Generally, the whole process becomes easy because you don’t need to improvise.

What are the safety tips while handling kitchen equipment

A well-equipped kitchenette makes cooking simpler, efficient, and faster. However, knowing the best way of handling the tools and other supplies will make the cooking safer. A busy kitchen can be a dangerous place with many uncertainties, including open flames, heat, and sharp edges. For a safer operation in the kitchen, here are the tips to help you avoid unnecessary accidents and other chaos while in the kitchen. The dos while handling kitchen tools


  • Before plugging your cooking equipment and starting it, ensure that it is off. For instance, an electric kettle should be off before plugging it.
  • Have the necessary safety gourds in place in all food processors, choppers, and mixers.
  • Check for loose parts and frayed cords before using any tool and plug them directly into an outlet.
  • Ensure you turn off the cooking equipment before leaving the kitchen
  • When working on hot equipment like broiler, girdlers, waffle bakers, ovens, or holding hot pans, ensure you use arm gourds and oven mints.
  • Clean the cooking tools, utensils, and equipment after use and before use
  • Hold pans by both hands when removing them from steamers and ovens to avoid burns
  • Open steamer and oven doors slowly with care to prevent burns
  • Close the lid of some equipment like a blender while in use
  • Use knife covers to prevent injuries in case they accidentally fall on a person
  • Keep the floor clean and dry by ensuring to wipe any liquid that spills to avoid slipping


  • You should not use any kitchen equipment unless you’ve been trained on its usage.
  • Do not put on loose-fitting wear as it may get stuck on any equipment hence leading to injuries.
  • Do not leave any equipment unattended or else use timers when you are performing other tasks while cooking.
  • Do not store inflammable items near the fire.
  • Do not overfill kettles, pans, and pots as the content might spill over, causing a fire.
  • Never use an extension cord while using a cooking appliance because it can overload the circuit and lead to a fire.
  • How to prevent cuts while using the kitchen tools and utensils
  • Keep your knives sharp
  • Use a cutting and chopping board
  • Use knives only when you want to cut
  • Clean the knives with care
  • Carry and handle the knives with extreme care
  • Do not pick broken glasses; instead, sweep them up
  • Dispose of cracked glass and dishes
  • Do not catch a falling knife



A fully equipped kitchen is an amazingly essential must-have thing for any home cuisine. No kitchen will be complete without the necessary utensils as every tool has its specific role. Having these tools in the kitchen will save time and effort and maintain your kitchen’s orderliness and cleanliness. However, as you handle the tools, you need to take necessary precautionary measures to prevent accidents like burns and cuts while handling the utensils.

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