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How to install Undermount Bathroom Sink

Different Techniques to Install and Replace Undermount Sink

Thanks to the natural cleaning, as well as an array of style and appearances, the under-mount sink has been enjoying growing popularity among homeowners. Hence, naturally, many homeowners seek answers on installing an undermount sink on wood, quartz, and granite. Some also want to find out how to replace the undermount bathroom sink if it […]

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How To Remove Bathroom Sink Drain

Different Sink Drain Removal Techniques

Any homeowner would realize the importance of a properly functioning sink drain. Once it stops working, your kitchen and bathroom sink, in particular, will face a myriad of problems. At this time, you must remove the sink drain flange or stopper, and replace it with a new one to keep the sink continuing its performance. […]

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How to Block A Bathtub Drain Without A Plug

Different Ways To Stop Bathtub From Draining

Imagine a day you had to deal with all the works in the office, and you came back home for a refreshing shower. And guess what? You find your bathtub draining like anything, not allowing you to relax in the warm water. That’s worse! But we have solutions for you. We are presenting you with […]

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How to Unclog Bathtub Drain

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Effectively and Effortlessly

A clogged and slow draining bathtub creates frustration big time. Fortunately, there’s no need to contact a plumber or a professional cleaner to unclog a bathtub drain. You can unclog the drain using some products available at home or store while applying some effort and trickery. We are going to describe three of the most […]

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