How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet And Replace New One

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 02/26/2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Want to change your malfunctioning kitchen’s sprayer hose by yourself? But you unluckily don’t know how to disconnect the sprayer hose from the delta faucet and replace a new one.

Don’t worry my buddy. As a professional plumber, I know how to do this. I have been working as a plumber over the years. To me, it’s nothing but a piece of cake to disconnect the sprayer hose from the delta faucet and replace it with a new one.  

To be honest, It’s better to fix the issue by yourself instead of calling a plumber. If you confirm reading this whole article at least once and try to fix the issue following these steps, I guarantee you that you’ll be able to complete the job without any extra cost. 

Two Common Tools That You Will Need To Disconnect Sprayer Hose:

Before starting the disconnection, you should have these common tools with you, Such as:

  • Wrench
  • Bucket 

How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet (7 Steps)

Disconnecting the sprayer hose is necessary because you can know which part is problematic. Read these 7 steps very carefully before disconnecting the sprayer hose from the delta faucet. These steps are:

1. Switch off Shut Valve:

There is a shut off valve below the sink and you need to turn it off at first. 

To start any technical work of plumbing it’s important to work with no electricity lines. Because electricity can pass through water. And It can be deadly harmful to your health.

2. Drain Water Off Hose: 

Make sure to drain off all the water from the hose. Otherwise, water would spread around your kitchen. 

It’s impossible to start any kind of plumbing work without completely draining water off the hose. 

3. Remove C-Clip:

Find the C-clip that is used for securing the sprayer hose. Then unclip the C-clip and keep it safe. C-clip is a metal C-shaped clip that protects the sprayer hose from leaking. 

4. Place Bucket:

Before disconnecting the sprayer hose, place a bucket. It will store extra water that will flow.

After draining water off the sprayer hose. Some amount of water will drip off when you disconnect the sprayer hose. That’s why to hold water you should prepare a bucket.

5. Remove Nuts By Wrench :

Take a wrench and place it on the nuts of the hose. Rotate anticlockwise to loosen the nuts. 

A wrench is used to remove nuts because they are so tightly fixed and you can’t take those without a wrench. And to remove nuts it has to be done in an anticlockwise way. Rotating from one side helps to loosen nuts easily.

6. Rotate Nuts With Fingers:

After nuts are loosened by a wrench. You have to rotate the nuts with your finger to remove them fast. Then take out the nuts from the sprayer hose.

7. Disconnect Sprayer Hose:

After completing all these steps, at last, your sprayer hose will be disconnected from Delta Faucet.

Wow, you have completed this job within just a few minutes. How easy it is! Do you ever need a plumber to do this silly job? Of course! No. 

How To Connect A New Sprayer Hose With Delta Faucet (8 Steps)

It’s definitely better to replace a new sprayer hose instead of changing one single part. And, you need the same tools that you have used for disconnecting the old sprayer hose. 

I know 8 easy steps that will help you connect the new sprayer hose without any trouble. These steps are given below:

1. Separate Old Sprayer Hose

 At first, ensure you keep the old sprayer hose away. So that the new hose and old hose won’t mix up.

Separating the old sprayer hose is the most important part for beginners. And as a beginner, maybe you can’t differentiate between old and new sprayers.

2. Connect Hose And Nuts:

You have to connect the new hose and its nuts by wrenching the nuts back to the new sprayer head. Wrench the nuts the opposite of anti-clockwise to tighten the nuts that are connected with the hose.

3. Put New Hose:

Through the sprayer hole you have to put the new hose. And make sure the new hose perfectly fits the sprayer hole.

 Otherwise, when you open up the electrical line it can have leakage.

4. Put Back To Original Place:  

Ensure that everything is back to its original place. Because if you don’t put everything back to its original place assembling the hose will become chaos.

5. Connect Outlet Tube:

Find the outlet tube that is under the counter. Then you have to connect the outlet tube with the new hose. C-clips are placed with outlet tubes.

6. Secure C-Clip: 

Secure the C-clip tightly. Because this metal clip protects the sprayer hose. 

7. Check Sprayer Hose:

Pull gently to ensure the sprayer hose is secure. If the sprayer hose is loose it will come out with a gentle pull. A loose sprayer hose will burst out with water if you don’t check it. 

8. Put Bucket:

Put the bucket on the sink for safety. Because if your plumbing has not done properly, your bucket will overflow with water.

Make sure to check if everything works perfectly.

How To Prepare The Place And Yourself To Do The Job Quicker? 

Before disconnecting and replacing the sprayer hose from the delta faucet, you should know about these four things which are going to help you finish your job. The four ways are given below:

Prepare The Work Space:

First of all, you should take all the necessary equipment beside yourself in an organized way. Because it will help you to concentrate on your work. 

If you don’t create a workspace, it can take extra hours to find everything when you will need them.

Clean Out Everything Beneath The Sink:

Maybe, you keep many things stored beneath the sink. So it is very necessary to clean out everything beneath the sink. As it’s a work of plumbing, if you can’t control the water leakage from the sprayer hose, it can ruin your stored items.

Even if you didn’t keep anything, I would suggest cleaning it. Because if there is dirt beneath the sink, it can get mixed with water and your kitchen will get dirty. So it will help you to save time.

Give Yourself Enough Room To Work: 

Never work when you are busy or there are people doing work in the kitchen. Because this work needs concentration to do everything gently.

If you don’t give yourself enough room to work peacefully, you won’t be able to finish it in a certain time. Thereby this workload will make things harder for you.

Shut The Water Supply Off: 

Shutting the water supply completely off is the most important thing to do. Otherwise, if the sprayer hose is lost, you won’t be able to control the water flow even with a bucket. 

And water would spread out and it will make your work more difficult. So to prevent all the chaos from happening, you should shut the water supply off.

Tip: You should make a checklist to ensure everything is done properly to save more time. It will also alert you from making any mistake.

How Do You Take Apart A Kitchen Faucet Sprayer?

To take apart a kitchen faucet sprayer, at first, tug the faucet sprayer’s head from the base gently. Then you have to twist the lock nut clockwise, which will help you remove it easily. But, if there are no nuts, directly tug clockwise from the sprayer head.

How To  Remove A Stuck Faucet?

To remove a stuck faucet, you can use a hairdryer. Because the heat created from the hairdryer will help the metal loosen up. Then use a wrench and turn to remove the stuck faucet.

How To Remove A Quick Connector Sprayer?

To remove a quick connector sprayer, tug the quick connector upwards and hold on the sprayer hose. Without disturbing the hose, hold the white quick connector with your fingers. Then at the same time pull the quick connector downwards and release the sprayer.

How To Turn Off A Sink Sprayer?

To turn off a sink sprayer, you have to switch off the faucet first. Apply oil on the valve button to make it slide. And then unscrew the sprayer hose to switch off the hot and cold water. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, you have to follow all the aforementioned steps correctly if you want to disconnect the sprayer hose from the delta faucet and replace the new one. Prepare yourself mentally because It’s a time-consuming task. You can trust my article completely to change your malfunctioning sprayer hose.

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