How to Remove A Stripped Screw From A Shower Faucet

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 08/18/2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

The shower faucet usually comes with set screws to hold its multiple parts together. When you repair the shower faucet, you have to remove the shower faucet handle first. It is essential because the stems or cartridges of the faucet are located inside the handle.

And the faucet handle is connected with these parts using the set screw. Unfortunately, the set screw gets stripped soon. Thus, you must know how to remove a stripped set screw from a shower faucet to repair the faucet and its handle.

We will describe the easy-to-follow instructions to remove the stripped set screw from the shower faucet right here. So, don’t miss it if you don’t want to call a professional and spend hundreds of dollars without a cause.

How to Remove A Stripped Screw From A Shower Faucet

The author of Honest Riders says, “The shower faucet comes with two types of screws. You have to know details about these screws to know how to remove a stripped set screw.”

  1. Allen Head: It has a small head with a threaded end. Its other name is socket head cap screw. The head is cylindrical and receives an Allen wrench for fastening and loosening jobs.
  2. Phillips Head: The head of the Phillips screws is identical to a cross. It receives a Phillips screwdriver and comes in a variety of sizes.

Since the set screws are soft, you have to use the screw extractor carefully. Otherwise, it might break the faucet handle.

Step 1: Preparing the Drill

You will need to use a cobalt-made drill bit with the drilling machine to make a hole on the screw. Now, check the screw set type. Then, choose the drill bit size accordingly. It should fit the stripped screw snuggly without widening the gap.

Step 2: Drill A Hole

Now carefully set the drill bit right on the screw head.  Switch on the drill machine and drill through the handle until it reaches the Allen or Phillips head screw bottom. Once the drill bit reaches the screw bottom, remove it carefully.

Step 3: Removing the Screw Head

Now you will have to drill the screw head to remove it. For this, change the drill bit and attach a new one that fits the screw head size properly. Carefully drill through the screw to reach the faucet handles inside diameter.

Once you reach the inside of the faucet handle, remove the drill bit without damaging the handle. You should be steady while drilling the faucet handle.


Step 4: Inserting the Screw Extractor

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Pick the right-sized screw extractor from the assorted extractor set box. Insert it inside the drilled hole of the set screw. At times, the screw extractor might be a little bigger than the drilled hole in the screw head. At such moments, use the drill bit and machine to deepen the hole slightly.

Then, insert the screw extractor correctly right in the screw head hole.


Step 5: Removing the Screw

Now, you will need an adjustable wrench to connect with the screw extractor. If you don’t have the adjustable wrench, you can also use locking pliers for the purpose.

Attach the adjustable wrench with the screw extractor. Tighten the wrench accurately and move it in the counterclockwise direction. Once the stripped screw has come out from the faucet handle, remove it carefully.

How to Remove A Stripped Allen Screw from The Faucet

Allen screws are one of the two types of screw heads available at present. It has a cylindrical shape on its head and works with the Allen screwdriver. If it gets stripped, you need to remove it with a different technique.

You will have to use a rubber band for it. Once you have got a grip on the screw, attach a flathead screwdriver right on the rubber band. Then, rotate the screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction gradually.

Alternatively, you can always use a screw extractor for the job. For this, you will need the right size of it and use an adjustable wrench with the screw extractor.

How to Remove A Stripped Set-Screw from A Bathroom Faucet Handle

You should use a cobalt drill bit with the power drill machine for this purpose. The drilled hole should be ¼” deep. When you have made the hole, slowly reverse the drill bit to remove it. Now, tap the screw extractor into the hole using a hammer.

Don’t hit the extractor too hard, or you will break the faucet handle. Finally, attach the screw extractor with the adjustable wrench and remove the stripped set screw carefully. That’s all!

Removing a Stripped Screw Without a Drill?

I hate it when I strip a screw and I don’t have a drill nearby.  Over the years I have found out some more helpful ways to remove a stripped screw even without a drill!

Option 1: Use a rubber band

Put a rubber band over the stripped screw head and then slowly insert the screwdriver into the hole. The key here is to add additional friction to allow the screwdriver to turn the head. You can also try use other household items such as a sponge or steel wool. This might give you the additional grip needed to turn the screw in place.

Option 2: Pliers to the rescue

If you have the screw head poking up from its base, using pliers could be a good solution.  Firmly grip the top of the screw head and try and turn the screw.  Using locking pliers also can help in this spot. I have gotten this to work before and it is a good option.


The key to how to remove a stripped screw from a shower faucet is to drill the right hole with the drill bit. Then, you can easily attach the extractor inside it and use the locking pliers set or adjustable wrench to take off the set stripped screw.

The entire screw removal process won’t take more than 5 minutes for you. Also, wear gloves to safeguard your hands from any accidents while you remove the screw from the faucet handle in a kitchen or bathroom.

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