Schluter Shower Pan

Schluter Shower Pan: A High-Quality Bathroom Accessories

If you want a bathroom with a top-notch showering experience, then you always need to go for a high-quality shower pan. It works as a structure and foundation to provide the best bathroom furnishing. But in case you install an average shower pan, you will end up having a messed-up bathing area. So, we would…

Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder: Things You Should Know

Your bathroom or toilet speaks a lot about your taste and personality. Also, it’s the place where you go for relaxation, and sometimes, unique thoughts come to mind. Whatever may be the reason you should decorate the toilet with modern amenities so, you always get a premium feel. And for such premium-ness, you can equip…

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors: A Complete Guide

In an entire day, we need to do many things regularly. Among them, taking a bath is one of the essential needs, which ensures the hygiene of our body by giving proper sanitization. So, it is clear that taking a shower in a hygienic and neat place can make this routine more engaging, healthier, safer,…

Cardinal Shower Doors

Cardinal Shower Doors: A Complete Guideline

Are you experiencing bad bathing only for not having an organized and stylish bathroom? For getting the ultimate pleasure from bathing, it is crucial to have a decked washroom – Poor decoration and setting quality lead to irritation and annoyance, which can cost your entire day. So, whatever the bathroom is, you will always need…

Coastal Shower Doors

Coastal Shower Doors: A Complete Handbook

If anything, that we take for granted in our bathroom, then it is shower doors. We pay attention to almost everything except shower doors and end up buying an average one. From which we cannot even ask for the below-average outcome. If you are looking for a shower door with a stylish look and durability,…

How to Tighten Toilet Seat with no Access Underside

How to Tighten Toilet Seat with No Access Underside

There is nothing more annoyingly and scary when you discover your toilet seat is sliding due to loose-fitting. When it gets loosen, you understand the seat of utmost trust and dependence in the particular time of responding to the call of nature is no longer secure. Usually, it is challenging to secure a toilet seat…

How to Remove Bathroom Faucet Handle

How to Remove Bathroom Faucet Handle

Most modern-day faucet manufacturers these days are making baffling variants of bathroom and kitchen faucets. Grohe and Moen are leading the path in this respect. Consequently, removing or replacing the valve and cartridge of these two brands may seem a bit complex to most people. That’s the reason we have piled up all necessary requirements…

How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Bathroom Faucet

Different Ways to Remove Flow Restrictor From a Faucet

In this consumerist world, a water flow restrictor with the faucet in the bathroom and kitchen works perfectly to limit the use of water. A real money-saving deal. Yet, you may want to remove the flow restrictor for cleaning or replacing purposes. This also helps to keep the water flow rate in an optimal state….

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan on the First Floor

One of the most common problems that we hear from our customers is about the installation process of a bathroom exhaust fan on the first floor. They often ask – how to install a bathroom exhaust fan on the first floor? Some also ask about the exhaust fan setup in the bathroom without attic access….